Snag Tights Offer
A Fantasy Range

By James Bacon: Fans love clothing that is related to SFnal elements, and I have a number of garments that I adore, wear too much and are absolutely wearing my fandom on my sleeve, literally. So when I saw this, I was like — that is VERY cool — some thought has occurred here, in a similar artistic fashion as one might find with Fountain Pen Inks.

Offered in 80 denier opaque and a ‘marl’ effect, it looks like a product that may be of interest to Filers and fans.

A deeper look at Snag Tights indicates that they have a good set of standards, the company website speaks to being inclusive, affordable, sustainable and pay fair wages, as well as welcoming affiliates.

Brie Read started the business in 2019 but it now has a huge following, believes in user generated content and is herself a size acceptence advocate. An interview earlier this year appeared on the Joy of Marketing“Brie Read from Snag Tights on building a business and a community”.

Read was born in Saudi Arabia and moved around the world as a youngster but went to University of Dundee studying computer science and psychology, and has settled in Scotland as it “feels like home”.