11 thoughts on “Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser

  1. It’s a pity Chewbacca isn’t a bit more like a cat then they could have called it O Solo Meow.

  2. Nope nope nope. Just nope. I read all the Brian Daley Han Solo books that came out like a million years ago and this trailer just does not compute.

  3. Absolutely no interest in seeing this film. Because it’s not needed. We knew who Han Solo was in his first scene in A New Hope. A rogue trader of questionable scruple and a desperate need for cash. That’s all we needed. I have no interest in seeing how he got there.

  4. I think that this looks like great fun, and I will be seeing it on the SuperMegaSoundScreen when it opens.

  5. I’ll see it.

    It’s not “needed,” but no individual creative work is “needed.” As long as we have lots of different stuff to choose from, no one work is essential to the field.

    But it’s directed by Ron Howard,* whose work I often like, it’s co-written by Lawrence Kasdan, whose work I usually like, and it features characters I like, albeit played by other actors. I assume I’ll get used to the fact that they’re not the same actors pretty quickly; I usually do in that sort of situation.

    It doesn’t bother me that it contradicts some other tellings of the characters’ past — I’ve been watching the Marvel movies all along and they contradict shit I’ve “known” about the characters since my teens left and right.

    If it’s good, that’s cool. If it’s not good, well, there’ve been bad STAR WARS movies before. So I’ll be out ten bucks (or, since I’ve just signed up for MoviePass, much less).**

    I mean, I’d rather get a movie as good as HAIL CAESAR or THE BIG CHILL or APOLLO 13, and I’m not expecting that, but then, I like cheeseburgers, too.

    *more or less
    **actually, since my wife and kids will want to see it, I’ll be out more than ten bucks whether I go or not

  6. I will probably end up seeing it anyhow because my son will want to but I am going to pretend it about someone else entirely.

    I am fine with some amount of discountinuity but in this case – to use a terrible analogy – it is like giving Iron Man Spiderman’s origin story. It just does not compute to me. The widgets don’t go together like that.

  7. I’ll see it! Based on this trailer, I doubt it’ll become a favourite, but the main movies are currently so in sync with what I want from the series that it’s inevitable that “something different” means “something less up my street” at this stage.

  8. I’m willing to watch it almost entirely for that shot of Donald Glover in the trailer. As someone online said, he’s now become ‘Childish Landino’.

  9. I fear they’re over-mining the “Star Wars” universe for movies, but I’ll see it. 🙂 It’ll probably be fun, though I’m really not a big Woody Harrelson fan.

  10. Oh yeah, gotta see it, though I’ll probably do a lot of grumbling about how their actor doesn’t look a thing like a young Harrison Ford. I haven’t read any of the tie-in novels, so I won’t even notice any cross-platform retconning.

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