Something For Everyone

SFWA has found an interesting way to mark the end of a week of strife between the opponents of Political Correctness and the critics of sexism in the Bulletin.

SFWA has selected Frank Robinson, author of The Glass Inferno and the Hugo Award-winning Science Fiction of the Twentieth Century: An Illustrated History, to be a Special Guest for its Nebula 2014 Weekend in San Jose.

Robinson, on one hand, once ran Playboy’s Advisor column.

On the other, he once was Harvey Milk’s speechwriter.

Can we all just get along?

2 thoughts on “Something For Everyone

  1. “Can’t we all just get along?”

    Yes! As soon as total victory is ours! Then there is no one left to disagree with … except, perhaps *you* comrade … you have been acting rather suspiciously lately.

  2. I always thought it was funny that when Hefner got rich and famous, he bought what had been the tallest building in Chicago when he was little, the Palmovile Building. Glass Inferno was inspired by an apartment fire way up in the Hancock Building, half a block south of Frank’s window.
    His office was between the offices of Robert Anton Wilson, editor of the sercon letters column the Playboy Forum, and his assistant, Robert Shea, who were writing Illuminatus!, inspired by nut mail to the Forum.
    Downstairs, by coincidence, my high school classmate Gigi was answering mail, working, in effect, for all thee of them. (“When the form letters you send out the most copies of are the small penis letter and the small breasts letter, it’s not an ordinary office.”) When the Advisor got a letter asking if the paperback Venus on the Halfshell was really by Philip Jose Farmer, Gigi called me as her sf resource. I told her, ask him, he’s in Peoria, but she insisted I do it, so I did. He said yes, but it was out all over before the magazine would have come out.
    And that’s the story of the one time the Playboy Advisor consulted my expertise.

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