Space Babe Coloring Book Released

Jeanne Gomoll’s Space Babe Coloring Book unveils 37 diverse representations of that amazing superhero Space Babe, perfect for coloring by wanna-be Space Babes of all ages. Says Jeanne:

I created the original Space Babe—a kick-ass gal with a raygun—decades ago. But more recently, I realized that the original Space Babe is not alone and began to create many Space Babes, all ready to fight for the rights of all. With colored pencils, readers can reimagine the future with images of gender-fluid space babes, young space-babes-in training, explorers, activists, construction workers, bakers, athletes, intergalactic pirates, a woman POTUS, and other Space Babes of different shapes, ethnicities, jobs & attitudes.

Space Babe is a symbol of the James Tiptree Jr., Award, a literary award presented annually to a work of speculative fiction that explores and expands gender roles. Their mission: “Changing the world.”

All income earned from sales of the coloring book go to the Tiptree Award.

The Space Babe Coloring Book is available at

7 thoughts on “Space Babe Coloring Book Released

  1. @Lurkertype: Go to the link and click the Preview link below the thumbnail of the cover. This requires Flash. It shows several pages, including a recipe.

  2. I love Space Babe. Darn, I forgot to do a Space Babe temp tattoo this year at WisCon.

  3. I wrote the Space Babe poem in the coloring book. All the end rhymes are feminine (unstressed final syllable)!

  4. Thank you FJ! When I drew the Space Babes Band I knew I wanted a SB song printed across from that drawing. But every time I sat down to try to write it …. I thought of another drawing to work on. Finally I wrote an email to FJ Bergmann: “I need a poet!” A few days later she saved me with a great, funny, RHYMING poem. Thank you.

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