Space Command Trivia Quiz

Everybody understands why the works of Marc Scott Zicree are so well represented in crewman Sekander’s prized collection of old sf books (see “Space Command Taps Into Classic SF”). But I’ve been waiting for somebody to ask, “Where are the women?” After all, it’s a criticism commonly levied in the blogosphere. Even I wondered, are there really none here at all?  

Actually, upon closer inspection I found two. It wasn’t easy. Can you find them? Take the challenge!

The answer follows the jump.

Two women’s names appear on the spine of <em>A Treasury of Great Science Fiction</em> edited by Anthony Boucher. The collection included stories from authors Judith Merril (“Dead Center”) and Mildred Clingerman (“Letters From Laura”). The <em>Treasury</em> came in two volumes; it is Volume 2 that appears in the video. 

Because the <em>Treasury</em> was advertised for years as an inducement to join the Science Fiction Book Club a lot of us owned the set at some point, making the volume a perfect fit with <em>Space Command’s</em> fan-oriented, retro appeal.

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  1. Didn’t Mildred Klingerman write that great short story about… Cats???!!!

    (For all you who thought that “Cat-Tain America” was not a nice off beat paws… 🙂

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