Spectrum 22 Award Recipients

The Spectrum 22 Awards were presented May 23 in Kansas City, MO as part of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. Images of the winning entries can be viewed here.

Over 1100 artists, patrons, and fans attended the ceremony, which included an introduction by Spectrum Director John Fleskes, a memorial video commemorating creators that had passed away in the last year, and aerial performances by Voler: Thieves of Flight.

Spectrum22_Awards COMPThe awards were completely redesigned and sculpted this year by Kristine Poole, with appropriately gold or silver patina by Colin Poole. The 15-inch tall statues illustrate the symbol of the artist’s Muse and are cast in bronze with either silver or gold accents. The Pooles also designed, sculpted, and presented the first Spectrum Rising Star Award to a young artist fresh in their career who was exhibiting at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.

The Spectrum 22 jury, Justin Gerard, Virginie Ropars, Greg Ruth, Annie Stegg Gerard and Dice Tsutsumi, determined the Silver and Gold winners. The Spectrum Advisory Board also selected the 2015 Grand Master Honoree.

Spectrum: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art was founded in 1993 by Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner. Creators from around the globe participate in the competition each year. Last year John Fleskes became director of the competition and editor of the annual, and Flesk Publications the publisher of the book.


  • SILVER: Yuko Shimizu — Tokyo Night Show
  • GOLD: Taylor Wessling — Barbarians: Faust


  • SILVER: Scott Gustafson — Jack and the Sleeping Giant
  • GOLD: Dan dos Santos — Taking Flight


  • SILVER: Alex Alice  — Castle in the Stars
  • GOLD: Audrey Benjaminsen — Bernadette, page 1

Concept Art

  • SILVER: Audrey Benjaminsen — Fairy 3
  • GOLD: Sung Choi — The Parade


  • SILVER: David Silva — Dragon vs. Raptors
  • GOLD: Forest Rogers — Venetian Harpy


  • SILVER: Sam Bosma — Critical Education
  • GOLD: Tran Nguyen — A Distressed Damsel


  • SILVER: Laurie Lee Brom — Bad Seed
  • GOLD: Rovina Cai — Fake It


  • SILVER: Paul Bonner — Beowulf: Mother
  • GOLD: Cynthia Sheppard — Momentum

The Spectrum Rising Star Award
Sponsored by Kristine & Colin Poole

  • Wylie Beckert

Grand Master Award

  • Scott Gustafson