Spider Robinson Cannot Attend Westercon

Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson has withdrawn as one of Westercon 68’s guests of honor. Chair Ron Oakes released this statement from Spider:

Tell folks I had to tap out due to recent undisclosed health problems. That’s the shortest and truest I can say it. If anybody argues, tell ‘em I’m 66, I’ve been hospitalized six times in the last six months, and we’re working on it. And tell them I apologize.

Oakes responded, “Our thoughts and best wishes go with Spider for a speedy diagnosis and complete recovery.”

Westercon 68 takes place July 2-5 in San Diego.

3 thoughts on “Spider Robinson Cannot Attend Westercon

  1. As disappointing as this must be for everyone involved, it’s more disappointing that he had to anticipate it would cause an argument. Fannish entitlement is the worst.

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