Spock’s Eyebrows

How do Earthmen imitate the sartorial splendor of Vulcan? The Daily Mail has the story:

Some actors will go to great lengths to alter their appearance for a character while some others will rely on computer generated technology to change them.

And Zachary Quinto is one that falls into the former category, deciding that the only way to truly play Mr Spock was to shave off his eyebrows

Ah, but that’s not the full story says David Klaus:

The Daily Mail doesn’t know that Leonard Nimoy had to shave his eyebrows in exactly the same way when he originally played Spock. I don’t know how they’re extending the eyebrow upward with Mr. Quinto, but in Mr. Nimoy’s case make-up artist Fred Phillips (who also created the Vulcan ear appliances) drew the extended eyebrow in pencil, then applied yak hair (from the belly) one hair at a time.

Mr. Nimoy hid the shaved eyebrows partially by wearing horn-rimmed glasses for his nearsightedness.

Yak belly hair. Now you have…the rest of the story.