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Long ago someone wrote “Steal This Book.” It was not Francis Hamit, who finds himself forced to defend his novel The Queen of Washington against unauthorized online distribution as explained in this notice:


The free download of “The Queen of Washington” is UNAUTHORIZED and may be MALWARE! Recently a website called “Emily” which seems to be based in Italy, has advertised several books as a free download.  One of them is my book “The Queen of Washington” and the cover is included on their site.  DO NOT TRY TO DOWNLOAD THIS FILE!

A search of Whois reveals the site is actually distributed by DNSEXIT.Com and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.  The registrant is Jack Chin and NetDorm, Inc., 7721 Five Mile Road, Suite 147, Cincinnati, OH 45230, USA

A search of Whois reveals that the registered owner of “Emily” is Carl Hooper, a “private person” residing at 410 East 137th Street, New York, New York, 10022, USA and that the website is actually FREEMEDIAFORYOU.NET with a server at Regtime, Ltd.

We intend to pursue this matter, at a time of our choosing,  with the proper authorities and seek appropriate criminal and civil redress for the violation of my copyright and commercial dress.  

It is the opinion of the person who discovered these facts that there may not be a free electronic file to download and that this is actually a scheme to upload malware that may damage your computer or steal personal information from it that could be used against you.  This person was sufficiently fearful of such an outcome that they would not attempt to download this file themselves.   Whether or not those allegations are true, downloading an electronic file of “The Queen of Washington” would automatically be copyright infringement, subject to severe criminal and civil penalties. No e-book edition of this work has been created by the publisher, much less offered for distribution.  It is an original work of my own creation and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office – which, by treaty, means that it is similarly protected in Italy and many other nations. The print edition of this book is available in most bookstores around the world.

We are posting this notice generally to warn people of the possibility that an attempt to obtain a free download of this book will not just subject them to possible legal action, but could do harm to their computer and other assets. 

Francis Hamit
Brass Cannon Books

3 thoughts on “Sponsored by the Seventh Commandment

  1. 10022 is not the zipcode for an address on East 137th Street—which may not exist. It seems a very high number for an address where Manhattan narrows quite a lot.

  2. Andrew: In other words, it’s a false address? We sent them a DMCA notice and got no response, which is not surprising given that they have no registered agent to accept notices, as required by the Act, and are , therefore, not protected by the “safe-harbor” provision. We’ll deal with that in due time, but our immediate concern is to prevent people from trying to download what we suspect is a file that contains some nasty stuff that could wreck their computer or their files.

  3. Mr Google thinks 410 East 137th Street, New York, New York is in the Bronx with a zip of 10454, while the Post Office Zip lookup doesn’t think it exists. But best to try your own search … just in case.

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