Standlee’s Worldcon Site Selection Lesson

Fans often say they find it helpful to have Kevin Standlee walk them through the rules, thus a link here to Kevin’s explanation of site selection voting which begins —

This year’s Worldcon has a Site Selection Frequently Asked Questions, but it’s apparently still ambiguous to some people based on a recent Twitter exchange. I’m going to try and explain it again, for the benefit of people who possibly have never voted on a Worldcon Site Selection before. Bias Alert: I am a director of the Montreal in 2017 bid committee’s parent non-profit corporation and am listed as one of their committee on the ballot.

In order to cast a ballot on the 2017 Worldcon, you must:
1.Be at least a Supporting Member of the 2015 Worldcon.

2.Pay the Advance Supporting Membership (ASM) fee for the 2017 Worldcon. This automatically makes you a Supporting member of the 2017 Worldcon no matter who wins the election.

5 thoughts on “Standlee’s Worldcon Site Selection Lesson

  1. For those who don’t bother to click through to other articles, the short answer is “both”. Only members of the administering Worldcon may vote, and in order to vote you must pay the fee to become a supporting member of the Worldcon whose site is being selected.

  2. As we’ve learned, it doesn’t seem to automatically ensure you will get a copy of the convention’s souvenir book, though.

  3. I figured that the following paragraph would have clarified that there is an AND between items 1 and 2 instead of an OR:

    Yes, this means you have to pay two separate fees to vote on Site Selection. One of them is your WSFS membership for this year, and one of them is your WSFS membership for two years from now. WSFS rules require everyone voting on Site Selection to be a member of the current Worldcon and also to commit to being a member of the Worldcon two years from now.

    But apparently it was not. I have gone back and added additional bold-face words that I hope repeat and reiterate repetitively that you have to do both things: join the current Worldcon and the 2017 Worldcon, the latter by paying the Advance Supporting Membership fee.

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