36 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond — Official Trailer

  1. @Paul:

    It sure looks like Guardians of the Galaxy. Not really like Star Trek.

    I don’t see any evidence that the women characters have been fixed over the first movie’s disasters.

  2. @peace
    Agreed, it doesn’t seem like they want to expand much beyond the teen male demographic in their audience.

  3. When the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” kicked in at the beginning of the trailer, I knew there was trouble ahead.

  4. Karl-Johan Norén:

    Was that the Millenium Falcon at circa 0:26 in the trailer? Sure looked like it.

    That’s hilarious — now that you’ve pointed it out, I’m tempted to agree.

  5. It seems, err, incoherent.

    Then again, the ID4: Resurgence trailer looked like a cross between Macross and Gerry Anderson’s UFO. Which kind of works for me…

  6. The Beastie Boys “Sabotage”, huh?

    So this movie is aimed at teen males who were teens in 1992?

    Besides which … Three-hundred-year old music? Seriously?

    That’s kind of weird, as if a contemporary navy crew were rocking to D’Urfey’s “Cold and Raw”.

  7. Besides which … Three-hundred-year old music? Seriously?

    The one original-canon-compliant bit, if the TNG crew’s fascination with 20th century holodeck scenes is anything to go by.

  8. Young Kirk was listening to Sabotage at the start of the first of the new Star Trek movies.

    Some have suggested it was a joke because William Shatner pronounced “sabotage” in a peculiar fashion.

  9. Yeah, there’s no way I’m seeing this, barring something miraculous like all the critics agreeing it’s great fun (spoiler: they won’t).

  10. @MaxL

    Word. I’ll see it, but probably by borrowing it when it comes out on BluRay (some of my fellow Trekkies have held the torch longer than I have).

  11. Well, I’m intrigued by why G’Kar from Babylon 5 is at 1:04, and Doctor Lazarus from Galaxy Quest is at 1:09…?

  12. To quote Kirk at 1:06: What the hell is this?

    I’m just going to go curl up with my TNG action figures now. 🙁

  13. I’ll see it, I expect. It’s the cinematic equivalent of macaroni and cheese, where we’re there to see versions of familiar characters do shtick originated by other actors while running around amid special effects, but for a couple of hours, that can be fun. I’d much rather see something new, though.

    And all that spaceship wreckage is so overdone by now that it’s like a background filter.

  14. @Rob Barrett – The one place where they really did well is in the casting department. Still not enough to get me back after the mess of the last movie.

  15. Besides which … Three-hundred-year old music? Seriously?

    The crew of the Enterprise aren’t allowed listen to classical music?

  16. I think it looks like fun! Ish. Maybe. Y’know, as far as you can tell from a trailer, anyway. Less of the Khaaan! More of the Shaka-khan! Sorta thing.

  17. @Lorcan Nagle:

    No, more like, out of all the possible historical music they could listen to, from all the races and planets going back over a thousand years, they spin the wheel and land on … the soundtrack of the moviemakers’ teenagerhood.

    What a coincidence!

  18. @Rob Barrett, Jamoche:
    Yeah, my comment after seeing the first movie was that it was questionable as Star Trek, a half (but no more than half)-decent action movie, but an absolutely wonderful character piece.

    Sadly, that in itself helped convince me that the second movie wasn’t likely to be worth watching even before anything was announced, as any later movies would have figured that the character introductions had been done and they could focus more on action now. Reports once trailers had come out and people started going only solidified that.

  19. My Monday night
    7pm: *general concern about quality of upcoming Star Wars movie warring with excitement as release date nears*
    8pm: sits down to watch Childhood’s End *happy at the increase in sff media offerings available currently and in near-future*
    9:00pm: *thrilled at commercial showing how SyFy is returning to actual sff programming*
    10:00pm: stays for The Expanse *extremely pleased with how they’ve adapted the book*
    11:00pm: watches Star Trek Beyond trailer *despairs*

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