Star Trek Roundup 7/2/18

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

  • Generations movie documentary

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  • Undiscovered Country documentary

  • Final Frontier documentary

  • Voyager documentary

Section 31 primer

  • Patrick Stewart:  First among equals

Marina Sirtis offers some insight into the difference between Patrick Stewart and the other Star Trek captains actors:  He was first among equals, not the star of the show.

  • Lost gay Star Trek character

  • Star Trek minorities

  • The soul of Spock

  • Is Michael Burnham a Mary Sue

  • Did Deep Space 9 plagiarize Babylon 5

  • Discovery season 2 uniforms

  • Star Trek in 3 minutes

  • Prime Directive

  • FASA Star Trek universe explained

  • Character quiz for Star Trek newbies

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