Star Trek Roundup

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Star Trek: Specter.  Slow burn Star Trek mystery animated movie with lots of physics and a very personal angle.

(2) Star Trek:  Retribution.  Romulan-Human brink-of-war Star Trek animated movie.  A sequel to Star Trek: Specter.

(3) Two “First Contact” documentaries

(4) Insurrection deleted scene

(5) Star Trek – The Motion Picture – theatrical vs. director’s cut part 2

(6) Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country – theatrical version vs. Director’s cut

(7) Star Trek proposals that never made it to the screen

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  2. (3) Here’s my own secondhand anecdote about First Contact. I once met one of the lead makeup artists(*) on the film, who had also done a lot of makeup work on several of the series. As shown in the second documentary above (from about the 7-minute mark), the Borg actors had a huge amount of crud glued to them— compared to their TV appearances, there were far more prosthetic appliances— obviously a grueling process. But what this person also told me was: 1. there was a surprisingly small number of people playing all the different Borg, so those people almost never got a break; and 2. compared to the rest of the cast, their options for unwinding from this grueling schedule were limited because if they drank any booze the night before a shoot, the slight alcohol content of their sweat the next day would weaken the glue and things would start falling off of the Borg. So the grim determination of the Borg was enhanced by forced sobriety.

    (* My memory for both names and faces is terrible, so I’m not sure who he was except that he wasn’t any of the Westmore family. Possibly R. Stephen Weber. Whoever it was sadly passed away around 2005— I remember hearing about it and I still remembered the name at that time.)

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