19 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode IX – Teaser

  1. The title is kinda goofball in my book. It’s like a pat on the head for people who got SO depressed by Luke in The Last Jedi.

  2. Steve Green: Yeah, but you have a reputation as a curmudgeon who doesn’t like any of these newfangled things… (but you’re our curmudgeon and this is not something I expect or want you to change.)

  3. My one concern (aside from the title) is that I hope Abrams isn’t going to spend the whole movie retconning The Last Jedi out of the narrative (revisiting Rey’s parentage, etc.). The bit where someone is reassembling Kylo Ren’s helmet does give a bit of pause in that regard.

  4. 1983? I had friends who were convinced The Empire Strikes Back was a bad idea.

  5. @Jack Lint

    I think you’ll find that Lucas peaked with THX 1138 and nothing after that is worth watching.

  6. …nothing after that is worth watching.

    AMERICAN GRAFFITI. Best movie he ever did. THX-1138, when I finally got to see it, was a real letdown.

  7. Mike Glyer: It took seeing WJ in things for a couple of years after AG to realize it was mostly that he was playing an okay part in the movie. He did a great job there. but nothing he did after that impressed me much. Still felt a twinge of pride when I learned he’d been a DJ in the area I lived in for twenty years.

    These days, this is my favorite version of STAR WARS. (Since THUMB WARS is a different franchise.)

    Charon Dunn: A more apt comparison might be to Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids, since the Platters were just an existing piece of music rather than an original… oh, yeah. Never mind. 86 on that line.

    I did learn recently that most scenes in AMERICAN GRAFFITI were written with the background music already in mind, and I can believe it. It’s like the whole movie’s a ballet based on those songs. Like AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, except they didn’t chop up and rearrange the source material like so much ground chuck.

  8. Hell, it all ended with the Christmas Special. Nothing can survive a Porn Wookie.

  9. That reminds me of a charity auction at one of the 70s Denver cons—MileHiCon, or Penulticon—in which “Pon Farr Enterprises” was selling (sight unseen, forever) products like “Jawa Friction Lotion,” a sex aid used by the incredibly stoic little folk, which, to you and me, looked like an ordinary jar of sand.

    The final item was the “Wookiee Nookie Looky,” an oversized pastry egg which, when you look in through a hole in the end, would show you a scene that would astound and educate you. Mile High’s Chuck Rozanski made the winning bid on that one—and a rather generous bid it was, too.

  10. (Dredging the old memory, I’m thinking that it might not have been charity, but to help get the con out of the red. Someone should remember. Maybe I should look through my ancient apazines. Pretty sure Bruce Pelz was a guest. I just have to find the ish where I drew a fillo of him embarrassing Ed Bryant by reading one of Ed’s earliest zines.)

  11. I had to look up who Wolfman Jack was. The results gave me flashbacks to seeing a particularly surreal episode of Galactica 1980 with him in; I thought I’d erased all memories of that.

    There are some uncanny parallels between BSG and SW now that I come to think of it: a much-loved original that perhaps now looks a bit ropey, a misconceived follow-up that misses the original point, and then a much later sequel that retreads the same ground for a new generation but with good nods towards the original.

  12. My friend, Imponderables author David Feldman, ran Wolfman Jack’s campaign for president, once upon a time.

  13. I mainly remember Wolfman Jack from the Midnight Special. I remember some publicity shots that looked like they were straight out of a Hammer poster.

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