14 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

  1. Oh, I so wish they’d let that beautiful iconic music sing instead of constantly interrupting it with voice-over and sound effects. It started and I had that moment of yes but then no, they spoiled it.

    I used to love trailers but the last few years they’ve mostly seemed so unsatisfying. The minifilms used to encourage films to go viral work are usually good, which is something, but they rarely have the wow factor I want.

  2. Am I a bad SF fan for revealing that the first frame had me thinking, “Good heavens, that’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”?

  3. So they’re still keeping a pretty tight handle on Luke’s appearance, I see. Wonder what that’s about…

  4. ::rings chimes::
    ::lights joss stick::
    ::breaks coconut::

    Please be better than the SW prequels/ ST reboot

  5. I await the film, but first, the reviews and fan opinion and a lapse of time before I bother to plunk down money to see it. the hype for Star Wars is higher than a lot of manure piles I’ve seen in the clod hopper county I live in. I have the prequel on DVD, All three of them films. I am not ashamed that THE HORROR OF PARYY BEACH has been watched more frequently than those three .

  6. Oh, wait. It’s the stormtrooper guy who picks up the lightsaber? Not whats-her-name? That’s not how I thought this was going to go.

    That’s pretty neat.

    Am I, like, the only person who didn’t see that coming?

    So they’re still keeping a pretty tight handle on Luke’s appearance, I see. Wonder what that’s about…

    I’m hoping it’s about he’s gone over to the dark side. That’d be a big bold everyone’s-head-explodes way to go, but it’s not like it’d be coming out of nowhere. Dark side runs in the family, after all.

    They did three awful movies to explain how Anakin fell. Maybe a great way to redeem the series is to tell that story properly, with a new bigbad?

  7. If they make Luke Skywalker go over to the dark side I may have a giant childhood-based fannish tantrum. If they did it off-screen it may even be a heels knocking on the floor and screaming sort of tantrum. He was always my favourite character.

    It would be irrational so I’d try to keep it to myself. But still. I would not be happy.

  8. I just love it. Can’t stop watching it. I haven’t been excited about a new Star Wars movie since 1983. But somehow this trailer has hooked me.

    There are a lot of notes that just seem…different, in a really promising way. The bit with Rey(?) rappelling inside the crashed star destroyer(?), shot in a distant lingering shot without much movement. The way Finn looks a bit clumsy and frightened as Ren closes with him. The distant shot of the ascending ship. I don’t know enough about cinematography to know what’s going on here, but this feels like a different visual language than I’m used to seeing in Star Wars films, and I love it.

  9. An Ode to Those “Real” Star Wars Fans

    I have a most vexing question, I thinks.

    Mainly for those who thought the Prequel Trilogy really stinks:

    At the train-wreck that was Jar Jar Binks,

    For the fans who in 1977 were four and who in 1999 were twenty-six, many mouths went agape.

    And for all those claiming “my childhood was raped.”

    But now in 2015 some guy named Abrams new pulls a story out of his tookus.

    Is it good or not, that there is no George Lucas?

    And what if Episode VII “rapes the childhood”

    Of those fans who in 1999 were four?

    Would that I wonder be bad or good

    For those who in 1983 didn’t want any more?

    So for those who loved the Gungans and midichlorians galore?

    Fans of eopie fart jokes and superfluous CGI out the pooper?

    And half a movie spent on a pod-racing loop-de-looper?

    And just who the eff is Sifo Dyas, or what’s the basic plot, anyhow?

    And what of that person on Naboo who two days after the end of the movie when they stub their foot on an invisible Sith Infiltrator and might yell “Holy Cow!”

    And Anakin Skywalker looking like he’s doing inappropriate things to himself in bed.

    Okay, maybe it was sort of cool to see Dooku lose his head.

    But, Yoda jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean?

    I ask then the most important question of all, it would seem.

    Would that mean that for those fans seeing SW on betamax, laserdisc, or videotape,

    That their childhoods would somehow now be unraped?

    And that decision to leave “Created by George Lucas” off the one-sheet will leave many fans shaken.

    When those who in 2025 who grew up loving The Force Awakens

    React as Disney brings back some 81-year-old, no-necked hippie now too large to touch his toes,

    And everyone young questions, “Who the **** is you?

    To mess up Disney’s and JJ’s picture shows.”

  10. Maybe I’m just an old man shouting at a cloud, but I really hate the way people abuse the word “rape” these days.

  11. Unfortunately, it’s not the Star Wars meme Star Wars fans need, but it’s the Star Wars meme Star Wars fans deserve.

    Silly But True

  12. I dunno man, my defining Star Wars experience was Knights of the Old Republic.

    I was such a Dark Side arsehole.

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