10 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — Final Trailer

  1. In case you didn’t know, today, the day this dropped, would have been Carrie Fisher’s 63rd birthday.

  2. After seeing this trailer, I had my 6pm preview showing tickets for Thursday evening two minutes afterwards…

  3. I apparently missed the tickets going on sale by a couple of hours (hey, AMC, when I ask for a reminder, I really want it sent AS SOON AS the tickets go on sale, not several hours later) and by the time I was checking, most of the early Thursday night shows were rapidly approaching sellout.

    So I guess the franchise isn’t dead after all? Despite all the girl cooties &c.?

  4. I mean without all that alt-right money it stands to only make 1, maybe 2 billion at the box office. Basically dead in the water right?

  5. It’s a fine looking trailer full of excitement and hope and laughter. I like the laughter. Impressive amount of ships in that scene with the Falcon – hoping that’s Ghost – and like that McQuarrie designs are being used.

  6. We’re doing a Christmas showing with our niece. And I swear, when that music starts I’m going to be 11 years old again.

  7. The saga will end, the story lives forever.

    This long-term contract I had to sign
    Says I’ll be making these movies ’til the end of time
    With Yoda
    Y-O-D-A Yoda

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