Status of LSC3 Hugo/Masquerade Videos

The Hugo Awards available at no charge via Ustream is a copy “corrected” and uploaded on September 10. Syd Weinstein reports that since then he has “performed a few more edits to clean it up a bit more.” That version can be ordered from the site. He adds:

The video was recorded in NTSC at 720p High Definition.  The Blu-Ray is recorded at this resolution.  The DVD, of course, is a down convert to Standard Definition NTSC television.

I will now start production work on the Masquerade.  This will take a bit longer as there is a large amount of work to add the still photographs and the full costuming credits to the production.

Weinstein asks for patience while he finishes this work, reminding fans he is a volunteer who does all this editing and disc production outside of normal business hours.