Status Report

File 770 has been having some ISP problems which have now been diagnosed. At this moment the blog is accessible. This may not last because the problems have not been fixed.

I will soon move File 770 to a new ISP. Whether this will result in any lost content (e.g., comments left after a certain time) remains to be seen.

I will be reporting progress on my Facebook page.

41 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. @StefanB

    If, as I imagine, the domain remains the same but just migrates to a new hosting provider bookmarks “should” be unaffected.

    For certain values of “should.”

    Probably be some downtime while DNS catches up.

    Never a fun thing, hope it goes smoothly for you Mike.

    ETA: can’t be worse the the TSB (my parents bank) who’s IT system migration has left people unable to access their accounts online for most of this week.

  2. If you need help tweaking your migration, I can help and am happy to. I’ve realized how much I depend on File770 since you’ve been down.

  3. As I told Charon via e-mail, if File 770 goes down again, I can open an open thread on my personal blog as a temporary refuge.

  4. Cora: As I told Charon via e-mail, if File 770 goes down again, I can open an open thread on my personal blog as a temporary refuge.

    Can you create such a thread, close it to Comments, post the link here so that everyone can bookmark it, and then if File 770 goes down again, you can open your thread to comments, and we’ll all know where to go?*

    *cue 25 posts of witty suggestions on “just exactly where Filers can go”

  5. I too was going through withdrawal and starting to get tempted to read random book recommendations on shady sites. Hope you migrate successfully.

    ETA – I have just been reflecting on how odd it is to be the electronic equivalent of a wallflower at a party since I have lurked here since before the puppies but conment so rarely I am not really known. The site being down felt somewhat akin to being thrown out of the party and not knowing where the next meetup was.

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  7. FWIW, Camestros’s blog seems to be down as well. I believe you’re both WordPress blogs (pretty sure my subscriptions are handled at the same place).

    Timothy, Timothy… cat, what did you do?

  8. Thanks for the update and good luck.

    Something I did last time I moved a WordPress site was, once I switched the DNS, I put up a banner on the old install saying, if you’re seeing this don’t leave a comment, wait; and then I put up a banner on the new install saying, if you’re seeing this congratulations, the change has successfully propagated. (The plugin I use is called “Header Footer Code Manager.”)

  9. Good to know! I will wait patiently, like my cat. You know, meowing loudly, head-butting, and sharpening my claws on humans until I get my way. Not patiently at all really. Never mind.

  10. I’m not on Facebook…

    As you may know, many of the SFnal and fan Yahoo Groups are leaving for i.o in the face of continued problems as Yahoo gets merged into Verizon (now renamed Oath).

    Yes, many are swearing mighty oaths about the problems…

  11. Lenore, thanks. I had a sort of impression that when one was down the other was too, but it could be one of those phenomena that are only apparent and not actual.

  12. Dear Mike,

    Geewhiz, and here I was so certain that the humongous horde of followers of our Favorite PLA had orchestrated a DDOS attack on you.

    pax / Ctein

  13. Kip W on April 27, 2018 at 6:15 am said:
    FWIW, Camestros’s blog seems to be down as well. I believe you’re both WordPress blogs (pretty sure my subscriptions are handled at the same place).

    I hadn’t spotted this at my end.

    Can’t be the same issue. File770 is a WP blog hosted on a third party ISP. Mine is a WP hosted blog on WP’s own servers.

  14. So it’s just that comments weren’t happening at Camestros’s joint?

    Hm. It would appear that THEY want me to think I’m seeing conspiracies in mere coincidences again. But I’m too clever for them. Too clever by half.

  15. @Andrew Porter Our ancient fan club presence on Yahoo is something I may wish to move, but I do not know what i.o is. May I ask for elucidation? All I can think of is a domain name of “.io” – and that ain’t where you put the dot.

  16. Kendall: I just realized something I missed, earlier. Mike has a Facebook page?!

    It’s a personal Facebook account, but yes, he does. 🙂

  17. Xtifr, this seems to be the old site. I followed a link on facebook, and got an article that doesn’t exist here when I use Chrome on my phone.
    I guess I either have to find out how to refresh the dns cache Chrome uses, og wait until Chrome does that on its own.

    Eta: and that DNS update apparently happened when posting so the comment landed on the new site. Trippy.

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  19. @Contrarius

    Not sure if this will hit your email notifications or not. Both my ISP’s have updated DNS and I can’t get back to the old site. Here’s Mike’s post you asked for:

    The new site is working for a lot of people, but some Filers report they are unable to see the site at its new host, getting error messages, or receiving the last save prior to the move. My best guess is the internet services they connect with have not yet copied the updated DNS.

    My new ISP’s Knowledge Base gives this overview of DNS propagation:

    DNS propagation can be thought of as the time it takes DNS records to expire on a server. For example, if you update your nameservers to point to a different hosting company, those new nameservers must propagate across the Internet. Each ISP has their own time frame on how often they update/expire their cached DNS records. Because there is no single shared standard throughout the Internet, this entire process can take from a few hours to up to 72 hours

    FWIW – JJ is trying to preserve some of the scroll comments by posting them from email to the new site.

  20. DNS TTL (time to live) should control how quickly things update, and at work, we’ve found our short TTL settings work as advertised, though as @Stoic Cynic says, ISPs and name server caching can mess that up (IMHO when improperly configured, whether on purpose or by accident).

    I suspect TTLs are normally not set short at blog hosting companies. 😉 There’s little incentive for them to make it smoother for someone to leave them! It is weird seeing notices for @Contrarius’s and @Stoic Cynic’s comments, but coming here and only seeing the latter.

    BTW based on the Global DNS Propagation Checker tool at, it looks like BellSouth and Speakeasy are the holdouts still returning the old IP address. As I’ve been writing this, some Speakeasy DNS entries have updated. The new’s world domination proceeds apace!

  21. @StoicCynic —

    Thanks! I am now able to get the new site. Hurrah! I don’t know where I am right now. Ummmm……. 😉

    @Kendall —

    My holdout til late this afternoon was Verizon — also in the South, if that makes any difference!

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