Stay Classy, SF

By the end of this post you will be able to answer the question, “Why doesn’t File 770 report every sf-related Kickstarter?” And it’s likely you’ll be asking a brand new question, “Why did you report this one?”

Star Wars Farts, a new Kickstarter appeal, seeks to improve the Star Wars prequel trilogy by adding fart jokes over its entire 6-hour runtime.

Do fans need a reason to pursue such a quixotic and odiferous quest? If so, the people behind this Kickstarter (a hazardous place to be) are ready to explain.

Why have you done this?
Star Wars Farts is a satire of corporate, cash-in Star Wars parodies and merchandising. We want to call attention to Star Wars parodies becoming a commercial industry used by large companies to make money off of fandom. We’d like to see Star Wars parodies made by fans for fans, not companies that see fans as a demographic for marketing.

See, they’re not rude jokers, they’re a force for social good.

Nor is their fundraising goal — $1,138 — the random number it seems.

(They’ve received $362 in pledges so far.)

And not that this sort of thing should be encouraged, but if they ever give the original movie the same treatment I hope they’ll overdub Princess Leia’s plea to make it —

“Help me, Beano-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!”