Stross Receives Alberto Lisiero Award

Charles Stross was presented the Alberto Lisiero Award on May 27 at Starcon Italia 2017, the Italian national convention.

The award is given each year to someone who contributes to the popularity and quality of sf.

Alberto Lisiero, who died in 2013, was involved in Italian science fiction for over 30 years. He and his wife, Gabriella, became consultants in translating all the Star Trek dialog in four series and 10 films, a role that eventually expanded to include the entire Paramount home video industry.

2 thoughts on “Stross Receives Alberto Lisiero Award

  1. Congratulations, Charles, on a well-deserved award. You have been shoveling coal for many years writing near-future SF and trying to keep ahead of the madness of actual events. Awards like this are signs that your efforts have been appreciated. I hope this also attracts more people to your always-interesting, educational, and insightful blog.

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