ST:TNG First and Last Seasons

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Next Generation cast on what they took and tried to take from the set after the series wrapped.

(2) Denise Crosby on why she left Next Generation after one season.

(3) Gates McFadden on why she was fired from Next Generation after season one. (Bet you forgot that.)

2 thoughts on “ST:TNG First and Last Seasons

  1. I’ve always been so sad that Tasha was only in one season, because I think that once the show found its feet, and once it started to evolve in format, she would have been a wonderful character, the seeds were already there. We see a bit of that in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” but not nearly enough.

    That said, it’s pretty understandable to quit when your only character episodes are “Code of Honor” and “Angel One.”

    I’d heard that about why Gates was fired. I suppose who the producer was is easy enough to work out. I also heard that Patrick Stewart campaigned to get her back. I’m in the minority I think as someone who also liked Dr. Palaski.

  2. Count me as another who greatly preferred Dr. Pulaski. Not only the character, but Diana Muldaur has this weird ability to draw out the best in all the actors around her. I’ve seen this over and over, her mere presence somehow turning mediocre performers into genuinely good actors, as if when she’s there, they just can’t resist relaxing into their roles and going above and beyond. And true to form, during her tenure the show lost its painful stiffness, and that growth started around her scenes.

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