Stu Shiffman Hospitalized

Stu Shiffman suffered a stroke on June 14. He is being treated at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. He remains in intensive care.

On Friday he was described as awake, though lethargic, and able to speak clearly. He subsequently had surgery to relieve swelling due to some bleeding in the brain. Stu’s partner Andi Shecter is there with him.

Stu is a highly popular fan artist, winner of the Hugo Award and the Rotsler Award.

5 thoughts on “Stu Shiffman Hospitalized

  1. I see the hand of Moriarity in this… Hats off for one of the Great Detective’s number one fans.

  2. It’s Sunday morning. Stu has surgery twice, to relieve pressure, the sort of “usual thing” with stroke. He is survivng, has been oriented, verbal and can understand everything. Visitors ARE wecome, tho right now, he is sedated after the two serious sugeries. I can be found in the waiting room most times. The community’s support has been beyond wonderful.
    If you are local and want to come by? Great. To keep up, you can check Facebook. Better yet, Tom Whitmore set up a caringbridge site. See

  3. Thanks for posting more about Stu,and the support you’re getting too. I am glad to hear about the CaringBridge page,which I will be visiting.

  4. So sorry to hear of this! Please get well soon, Stu. My prayers are with you.

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