Stu Shiffman Update 12/7

Stu Shiffman is keeping up a gradual recovery from a stroke suffered in June, with this encouraging news just posted on his Caring Bridge page:

Stu continues to improve solidly: still no speech, but Andi’s been reading the one-shot fanzine for Stu to him and showing him the cartoons, and he’s actively appreciating them in a way he hasn’t been able to before. He’s gesturing, smiling, and nodding to folks: if you haven’t visited in a while, it’s a very good time to do so.

Good to read that Stu is at last enjoying the one-shot, The Slan of Baker Street [PDF file], arranged and edited by Taral Wayne.

One thought on “Stu Shiffman Update 12/7

  1. Maybe I should edit a sequel — “Baker Street Second Foundationers,” or something like that. For the vast onslaught of letters … when it arrives.

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