Sturgeon Award Nominations Open Thru March 15

The J Wayne and Elsie M Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction has begun soliciting nominations for the 2022 Sturgeon Award. Jason Baltazar, the Award Administrator, says: “We only accept nominations from the editors and reviewers that we solicit from directly. That said, we’re always happy to expand our list of editors and reviewers, so if any folks in those categories would like to be included they can contact us at this email —” Nominations are being accepted from invitees through March 15.

Baltazar adds, “Our timeline has officially shifted so that the award will be presented in the fall, and beginning this year the winner will also receive modest cash prize.”

Nominations are collated into a list of finalists to be voted on by the jury. The current Sturgeon Award jury is Elizabeth Bear, Kij Johnson, Sarah Pinsker, Noel Sturgeon, and Taryne Taylor.

2 thoughts on “Sturgeon Award Nominations Open Thru March 15

  1. Spelunking at the first link in the original post, I see an interesting tidbit of news I haven’t seen reported anywhere else, related to the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, to wit:

    “the John W. Campbell Memorial Award (est. 1973) for best science fiction novel of the year (now administered by the Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society)”

    But I couldn’t find any mention of the Award on that society’s website:

  2. The Campbell Award info that used to be on the Gunn Center site is now on Christopher McKitterick’s personal site.

    I always have an eye out for news of the Campbell Award.

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