Subterranean Issues Ellison Chapbook

Lil_Harlan_and_his_Sidekick_Carl_the_Comet_in_Danger_Land_200_309Subterranean Press is taking pre-orders for Harlan Ellison’s new 24-page chapbook Li’l Harlan and his Sidekick Carl the Comet in Dangerland.

The Edgeworks Abbey production is illustrated by the inimitable Gahan Wilson and sells for $15.

Says Harlan —

It is one of my very best almost-unbelievable anecdotes of me, Li’l Harlan, with the iconic, famous, magnificent Carl Sagan of COSMOS, in the early ’80s.

Then Harlan adds this message to his fans —

And, if it’s not presuming too much on you, would you mind tweetfartingfacewhatever this advisement to your thousands of slavering followers, each of you…on any and all mediums you infest? I only LOVE this little gem, and the late Carl Sagan thanks you, too.

I’m happy to do this little favor although if any of you are actually slavering please reach for a napkin.

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