11 thoughts on “Suicide Squad, First Official Trailer

  1. Okay, up ’til now, the concept left me cold. To see what they’re doing now, I think I’m onboard now.


  2. Huh. Finally a DC movie that looks interesting and fun, as opposed to grimdark and washed out.

    Also, *excellent* use of music.

  3. this looks like it might have a sense of genuine and unforced fun to it.

    Is that even legal for a DC movie?

  4. Grimdark? No, that’s John Ostrander’s other comic book.

    Points for the Grimjack reference. Don’t forget Timothy Truman.

    Why not a Grimjack movie? Kids today aren’t wearing enough berets with feathers.

    Re: Music. I was hoping for Social Distortion’s Mommy’s Little Monster. Bohemian Rhapsody hasn’t been the same since Wayne’s World.

  5. If it weren’t for the NSFW lyrics (there would be a lot of “melon farmer” substitution going on) I’d suggest the track “Monster” by Rafael Casal for a soundtrack (note, only up through about 4:00 when it segues to a different track; here’s just “Monster”), in part because it includes the lyrics “I’ve got an army that’s just waiting for me to unlock ’em / There will be no saving Gotham once they make it out of Arkham”…

  6. Why not a Grimjack movie?

    I remember hearing years ago (as in, late 1990s) that Ostrander had been trying to shop one around, and that J. Michael Straczynski was interested.

    Part of the problem was at the time that the rights were still up in the air: while Grimjack was owned by Ostrander himself, the city of Cynosure was part of First Comics, and after First Comics went bankrupt it was hard to tell who actually owned the rights. And it would be hard to tell a Grimjack story without Cynosure.

    Quick check shows that Wikipedia mostly agrees with my vague memories, and the film script was supposed to happen in 1996 but Straczynski was too wrapped up in Babylon 5 at the time, despite still wanting to do it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimjack#Legal_history

    Nobody’s managed to pick it back up since, even though the rights situation was cleared up over ten years ago now.

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