Superhero Roundup

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

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  • Shameless superhero ripoffs

“15 Superhero Movies That Shamelessly Ripped Off Better Ones” at ScreenRant.

We’re not just going to be discussing the big budget, big studio inter-industry rip-offs, such as DC and Marvel aping one another, but also the realm of utterly bizarre foreign interpretations and low-budget mockbusters that will leave you in a state of both shock and awe….

  • Chinese superheroes

“Marvel Introduces Their First Official Chinese Superheroes” at Yahoo! Entertainment,

Until now Marvel has nearly always featured Chinese characters in a supporting capacity or as villains. Two of the newest heroes are Aero, a woman able to control air currents (pictured above), and Lin Lie, a boy who obtains a powerful ancient sword to battle evil (pictured below)….

“Marvel Debuts its New Chinese Superheroes” at ThatsGuangzhou

In a collaboration first announced last year, Marvel Comics and online distributor NetEase have released the opening installments of two new comics starring the first Chinese superheroes in the Marvel Universe.