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By Carl Slaughter: (1) Logan. Easter eggs from the Logan movie. Lots of ’em. But what good’s an Easter egg hunt with only a few eggs hidden, right?

(2) Audition. It’s not easy to impress Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and a Hollywood producer with your acting skills. But when Dafne Keen auditioned for the role of Laura in the Logan movie, she wowed them.

(3) Legion. Full analysis of Legion, full season 1:

(4) Thrones 7. Extensive, detailed analysis of the season 7 Game of Thrones trailer.

(4) Punchdrunk. What went wrong with Iron Fist.

(5) Ghost who walks. Documentary history celebrating the 80th anniversary of The Phantom. A different type of superhero cultural phenomenon. A comic strip rather than a comic book, owned by a feature syndicate rather than Marvel or DC. Guided by its creator for 60 years, who did it as a hobby rather than a profession. Faithful to its canon and its character. At its height, read by 100,000,000 fans worldwide. Continuously published for 80 years. By contrast, screen adaptations have been hideous.

(6) Where the sausage is made. Detailed report on the internal executive politics that has plagued the Marvel film franchise in general and X-Men in specific, and how Deadpool finally got made against the odds.

(7) DC BC. Pre-DC careers of actors and actresses who play larger than life superheroes and supervillains in the DC cinematic universe.

Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Ben Affleck, Jason Mamoa, Will Smith, Russell Crowe, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Michael Shannon, Ezra Miller, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, with a cameo from an early Donald Trump.

(8) Secret history. When Wonder Woman first joined the Justice League, they made her their secretary. That’s right, the male superheroes assigned the Amazon princess to a desk while they went out on the battlefield and kicked badguy butt. This little known fact is one of 10 things Marvel wishes you didn’t know about the history of Wonder Woman.

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  1. (5) Curiously, The Phantom is one of only a few comics that ended up with a large proportion of Swedish writers and artists, despite not starting out as a Swedish comic. There’s even some stuff on Wikipedia about it. Although double-checking history, they MAY have primarily been making The Phantom material for the Nordic market, even if they ended up involved in the larger creation from 1999 onwards.

    (8) I suspect an substitution of “Marvel” for “DC” in 10 things?

  2. 5) Thanks for the Phantom link. I’m a big Phantom fan and always find it sad that the Ghost Who Walks hasn’t profited from the superhero adaptation boom.

    That said, I was very fond of the Defenders of the Earth cartoon from the 1980s which united Flash Gordon, Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Lothar as well as their respective kids against Ming the Merciless as well as the occasional Phantom or Mandrake villains. Their version of the Phantom was closer to DC’s Vixen than the to the classic Phantom from the comics, but it was a cool cartoon.

  3. 8.) Wonder Woman was made the ‘secretary’ of the JSA because Moulston wouldn’t allow anyone else write stories for the character. He even demanded that he be allowed to re-write her appearances in All-Star comics that led to Wonder Woman joining the team in the first place. Making her a non-participating member of the group was the only way that they could keep Wonder Woman in All-Star comics at all.

  4. (8) Marvel would love you to know that, as DC publishes Wonder Woman. The origin of Wonder Woman is actually incredibly fascinating in lots of ways, as is the history of the early female superheroes. Personally, I still love the original Red Tornado and her appearances in Scribbly. She’s far greater than her appearances in the superhero line make her out to be.

  5. Yeah (4) is quite on point. Iron Fist is supposingly the best martial artist in the MCU (thats why he won the Iorn Fist competion”) and still he had trouble finding the arsonist, not to mention his last opponent…
    And Finn Jones is a miscast – He is a good actor, but he had no background in martial arts and it shows. With all the guest stars, which are much better than him, I really cannot understand that choice.
    Of course, bad writing is always bad writing…

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