Susan Kahn Passed Away in June

Susan Kahn in April 2014

Susan Kahn in April 2014.

Susan Kahn, who often ran registration at Lunacon with her husband, Richard Ferree, and the organized the Den at numerous Philcons, died June 9 after a year-long struggle with pancreatic cancer. She was 54.

Kahn practiced pediatrics for over 25 years. She also was president of the Sinai Free Synagogue, where her funeral service was held on June 11.

[Source: PSFS News.]

2 thoughts on “Susan Kahn Passed Away in June

  1. Susan was the kindest, most caring, and honest person you could meet. At the same time she was brilliant and had a hilarious sense of humor. She is missed by those who knew her, and the world is such a better place to have had someone like Susan with us at all…

  2. Susan will be missed. She was a great, fun person to be around who saw through much of the bullshit that we see in fandom. She was a unique individual. loved by all who knew her and was taken long before her time by one of the most insidious forms of cancer, who can never be replaced, but will live forever in our memories.

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