TAFF 2020 Race Begins

From the moment you read this until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on January 12, you can help decide which North American fan is going to attend Concentric: Eastercon 2020, in Birmingham, UK as the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate.

The candidates are Michael Lowrey and Ann Totusek, and you can read their platforms on David Langford’s TAFF site. This is also the place to go to learn more about TAFF, to read the rules for voting, to make the necessary monetary donation needed for voting, and to cast your vote.

Johan Anglemark, European TAFF Administrator, and Geri Sullivan, North American TAFF Administrator, say “Even if you think that both these fine fans would be an equally worthy winner, we ask you to still consider supporting TAFF by voting. TAFF is kept alive by the support it gets from fandom. And if you truly have no preference, you can express that by voting No Preference.”

If you need a paper ballot to print out and mail to us, a PDF is available at taff.org.uk.

Ann Totusek’s platform is especially interesting….

The 2020 TAFF Candidates

Michael Lowrey

My first convention (1975) was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have loved, married and parented within the tribe. I’ve been active: fanzines and apas, the N3F, mailing lists, Usenet, social media. I’ve pubbed my ish, and been officer of a local SF club.

I am a Fan, free citizen of the ImagiNation. Whatever else I may be – husband, daddy, union leader, Esperantist, wearer of orange garments, Quaker, feminist, Irishman, Mac user, Wobbly, Hordesman, Wikipedian – this is my Way of Life. My cunning plan remains: to meet fans all over Over There, as many places as possible. FIAWOL!

  • Nominated by: (NA) James Nicoll, Steven H Silver, Curt Phillips; (Europe) Rob Hansen, John-Henri Holmberg

Ann Totusek

Michael Lowrey is a Midwestern fan most easily recognizable as “Orange Mike” for wearing all orange at conventions. TAFF is intended to strengthen ties between Atlantic and European fandom, and I can think of no-one better for this than Mike. His dedication working towards the well-being of others is unmatched, and his grasp of the importance of freedom of speech, the press, and maintaining an informed populace make him a fascinating panelist. I am honored to be nominated for the TAFF award and, as I have previously attended Eastercon while he has not, the platform for my campaign is “Send Mike!”

  • Nominated by: (NA) Carol Kennedy, Joyce Scrivner, Michael Siladi; (Europe) DC, Pat McMurray

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11 thoughts on “TAFF 2020 Race Begins

  1. As one of Mike’s nominators during his previous run, I obviously agree wholeheartedly with Ann: Lowrey for TAFF!

  2. I’m a bit befuddled by this; why is someone running simply to tell other people to vote for someone else? Has TAFF fallen to the point where there was only one real competitor?

  3. Chip, mightn’t she have accepted a nomination before discovering who else was running, then decided to be playful with her bio rather than withdraw? Just guessing, of course.

  4. Hal O’Brien: Good heavens! Think what your argument says about Worldcon!

    I know, I know!!! PICK ME, PICK ME!!! <raises hand and waves it enthusiastically> Since Worldcon isn’t part of this TAFF race, it says that Worldcon is in the Southern hemisphere next year! Do I win a prize??? Huh? Do I???

  5. If I recall correctly, this is not the first time in TAFF history that one of the candidates was a “not really running” candidate.

  6. The perennial nominees “Hold Over Funds” and “Noah Ward” are options too, aren’t they? Personally, I’m voting for Mike. Getting him something orange for Christmas…

  7. Matt:
    I always tell the tiny kids in the office where I work [Dept. of Children & Families] that everybody starts out with a large supply of “cute” and they still have almost all of theirs, whereas I used mine up long ago.

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