TAFF News Redux #2 Features Candidate Interviews

Need help deciding who to vote for in the 2019 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund race? Help is on the way! TAFF News Redux #2 [PDF file] is available on the TAFF Website with the candidates’ answers to a questionnaire.

Find out what Teresa Cochran, Sarah Gulde , Michael Lowrey, Geri Sullivan had to say when they were asked these probative fannish questions —

1) Tell us something about yourself and fandom: where did it begin for you and when.

2) Are there any specific subgenres of Science Fiction & Fantasy you prefer? e.g., hard science, alternative history, steampunk, etc.

3) Describe your fannish activity: clubs you’ve been in, official roles (club president, or whatever), cons you’ve attended/worked on, and fanzines you’ve produced, and so forth.

4) What was the craziest or most fun thing you have ever done or experienced in fandom?

5) If you win, what will your TAFF trip look like? Just Ireland and the UK or other parts of Europe (which?) too? How many weeks do you think you will be able to set aside for it? 

TAFF voting to pick a North American delegate to send to the Dublin 2019 Worldcon is open until midnight EST of April 22, 2019. Get the ballot and voting information on the TAFF website.

2 thoughts on “TAFF News Redux #2 Features Candidate Interviews

  1. I have learned that the annual Wikimania conference will be close enough to Dublin and Titancon that I might be able to bookend it at the end of my trip (if I win). This information came to me after the deadline for Redux 2.

  2. Correction: Wikimania 2019 will be basically the same dates as Dublin 2019! Alas, attending both does not look like a viable plan, even if there were direct flights from Stockholm to Dublin. (Apparently, no; $201 or more via Frankfurt.)

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