Jacq’s Progress

Taffline #4 [PDF file], from TAFF administrators John Coxon, Anne and Brian Gray, promotes the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and includes a snippet of trip-in-progress news from the latest delegate, Jacq Monahan:

“I am enjoying the trip immensely and relishing all my new discoveries (Oyster Card! Free museums! Forbidden Planet bookstore! Kew Gardens!) And that’s only London. Much more to come. You’ll know precisely where I am at all times by the sound of the delighted squeal.”

After sojourning in Cambridge, Solihull and Sheffield (where hurricanes hardly happen) Jacq returns London on Thursday, April 5. Look for her at the First Thursday London Circle pub meeting, and this weekend at Olympus 2012 (Eastercon) in the Radisson Edwardian hotel at Heathrow.

Seeking TAFF Candidates

Anne Gray announces:

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is looking for candidates for the 2012 Eastbound TAFF trip.  Candidates must be nominated by 5 SF fans known to the current TAFF administrators, John Coxon, Anne Gray, and Brian Gray. Three of those nominators must be resident in North America and two resident in Europe. In addition to their nominations, prospective candidates have to submit a written platform (not exceeding 101 words), a deposit of $20, and a pledge to take the TAFF trip in 2012 if they win. TAFF will send the winning delegate(s) to attend the 2012 Eastercon, Olympus, in London April 6-9. TAFF delegates are also expected to write a trip report and administer TAFF for two years. The fan fund will pay for the trip and related expenses, as well as the publication of the completed trip report. Candidates will be voted on by interested fans from all over the world.

For more information, see www.taff.org.uk.  The North American TAFF administrators are Anne and Brian Gray; send nominations and other materials to them at 5006 Royene Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, USA or <akg (dot) netmouse (at) gmail (dot) com>. European nominators should send materials to John Coxon, either on <john (dot) coxon (at) gmail (dot) come> or by mail to 14 Chapel Lane, Peterborough, PE4 6RS, United Kingdom.

If you would like to take us up on this fantastic opportunity please find people to nominate you and let us know, since the deadline for nominations is September 30! If you have any questions about what’s required of you or how to acquire nominations, please feel free to get in touch with any of us and ask. We hope to see you running for TAFF soon!

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]