Noory Boots Brom From Coast To Coast

Krampus the Yule Lord

Brom, artist and author of Krampus the Yule Lord, told his Facebook followers that he was kicked off George Noory’s radio show last night.

Well, now that’s a feather in my cap. Seems I weirded out George Noory on Coast to Coast so bad he kicked me off the air. Apparently he is disturbed by children being tormented in folktales. Seems that being the case, he would have done just a touch of research before having me on to talk about Krampus. For the record, I do have a very dark sense of humor, but I am a father and am very aware of the difference of fairytales and real life, something George does not seem to understand. Even so, it is the over the top horribleness of Krampus that I dearly love.

…Funny thing is, I was so nervous and focusing so hard on just trying to get through the show, that I didn’t even clue in that he was offended until he hung up on me. I just kept wondering where these odd questions were coming from. I wanted to talk about Krampus’s rich and colorful folklore, not real life infant deaths – geesh.

Laurie Lee Brom, also an artist, said:

So for those of you who missed the shenanigans last night, Brom was HUNG UP ON by George Noory on Coast to Coast! Noory clearly hadn’t taken even two minutes to prep for the show and had NO idea about Krampus. Displaying brilliant interviewing skills, the show asked Brom to provide the questions to ask so Noory didn’t need to do anything at all but be a host to the invited guest. Apparently UFO abductions are fine for airplay, but ancient myths of kids being thrown in a sack of a mythological beast were just too “Halloweenie” for George, who abruptly hung up on Brom. It’s all so hilarious and infuriating at once. Through it all Brom did great. Here’s link to the show.

You can listen to the segment here– Select October 28, 10:20 p.m. (Which you can’t literally do, but if you set it for 10 p.m. you can advance the recording for that hour to where you want to start by using the red bar.)

[Thanks to Arnie Fenner for the story.]