Prix Jacques-Brossard 2021

Catherine Leroux has won the Prix Jacques-Brossard 2021, an award for French sff worth C$3,000. The jury selected her for the award based on her production of the previous year, which included a fantastic novel, L’Avenir (Éditions Alto).

The other two finalists for the award were Mireille Gagné for Le Lièvre d’Amérique (La Peuplade) et Martine Desjardins’ for Méduse (Éditions Alto).

This year’s jurors were Héloïse Côté, David Dorais, Myriam Guimond, Christiane Lahaie, and Éric Gauthier, writer and last year’s Prix Jacques-Brossard winner. The jury evaluated the output of 43 authors, a total of 13 novels, 40 short stories and two collections.