London Bids for 2014 Worldcon

A bid to bring the 2014 Worldcon to London was officially announced on April 2 at the British Eastercon by spokesman Chris Priest.

The committee proposes to hold the con August 14-18, 2014 in the new International Convention Centre, part of the ExCeL exhibition centre complex in London’s Docklands. 

Leading the bid are co-chairs Steve Cooper and Mike Scott. Steve headed the Publications division for the 2005 Glasgow Worldcon, and is the deputy Facilities division head for 2011 Worldcon in Reno. Mike has extensive Worldcon experience, and co-edits the Hugo award-winning fanzine Plokta.

There are two Deputy Chairs. James Bacon, a former TAFF winner, also co-chaired the 2009 Eastercon. Alice Lawson was the Member Services division head at Interaction and chaired the 2001 Eastercon.

Other members are Claire Brialey, Secretary, co-editor of Banana Wings; John Dowd, Treasurer; Rita Medany, Membership, who is chairing the 2010 Eastercon; and two Advisers, past Worldcon chairs Vince Docherty and Colin Harris.

The bid, and the convention itself, will be non-profit-making organisations run entirely by unpaid volunteers. The bid will be primarily financed by the sale of “pre-supporting” and “friend” memberships, costing £12 and £60 respectively and giving discounts on membership of the convention itself. See the bid website for more details.

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[Thanks to Mike Scott for the story.]

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Future Worldcon/NASFiC Bids

It’s a good idea to compile this info and put it someplace I can find it again:

Seated Worldcons


Anticipation, Montreal (


Aussiecon 4, Melbourne (

Bids for future WSFS Conventions

2010 NASFiC

Raleigh, NC


Seattle (
Reno (




Texas (Maybe) (Bid website under construction (They’re said to be investigating Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio.)

Zagreb (Maybe) (See Cheryl Morgan’s blog (Colin Harris has speculated Zagreb may move to a later year than 2013, following the next UK/NL Worldcon.)

2014 or 2015

UK or the Netherlands (Ansible quoted James Bacon saying that three UK facilities are pursuing the con, and there are also three prospective Netherlands sites.)

2015 or 2016

San Diego (See Kevin Standlee’s post: Last December, Jim Briggs posted that 2015 was “penciled in.”) (Val Ontell has said she is looking into the possibility of hosting a World Fantasy Con as the stepping stone to a Worldcon bid.)

This Week in Words: Worldconned

Colin Harris read someone claim on the Smofs list that there are people using “Worldcon” as a verb. He answered by creating this conjugation of the verb “to Worldcon”…

I worldconned this year, attended the Hugos and Masquerade and had fannish fun.”

You went to an SF convention and were a bit nerdy.”

He wasted a weekend with a bunch of badly dressed people with beards and glasses.”

(Harris chaired Interaction in 2005, so he is a fully qualified Worldcon artist.)