2016 FAAn Awards

The winners of the 2016 Fan Activity Achievement (FAAn) awards were announced today at Corflu 33 (Chiflu) in Chicago.

The FAAn awards are presented annually to honour the best in fan writing, drawing, publishing and posting, and are voted on by fanzine fans around the world.

The voting statistics have been posted here [PDF file].

More information about this and previous years’ awards, including a full breakdown of the 2016 results, will be available on the Corflu website here.


Best Genzine of 2015 (tie)

Best Personal Zine of 2015

Best Special Publication of 2015

  • The MOTA Reader, edited by Dan Steffan

Best Fan Website of 2015

Best Fan Writer of 2015

  • Roy Kettle

Best Fan Artist of 2015

Best Letterhack of 2015 (The Harry Warner, Jr. Memorial Award for Best Fan Correspondent)

  • Paul Skelton

Best Fanzine Cover of 2015

Number One Fan Face of 2015
(not voted, but totalled from the other eight categories)

  • Dan Steffan

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented at Corflu since 2010, to honor a living fan for their fan activity over a long career in fandom. It is not a FAAn award; in most years winners have been selected from nominations by a small committee, usually (as this year) including recent Corflu chairs and the FAAn Awards administrator. Previous winners are listed alongside the FAAn awards on the awards history page [link: http://corflu.org/history/faan.html ]

[Thanks to Claire Brialey for the story.]

See Gleeson’s “Fantastic!!!” Art Exhibit

Eye_of_Cat_lrA solo show of Tony Gleeson’s art spotlighting classic science fiction and fantasy themes will be displayed in the upstairs gallery at Pasadena’s Century Books from September 20 through October 3.

Century Books is located at 1039 E. Green St, Pasadena, CA

As Gleeson says in the poster, “Many of these pieces haven’t been seen in years and there may not be another opportunity to see them again!”

Gleeson will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his first pro art sale in September, an illustration that was published in the December 1974 issue of Amazing Stories. Coincidentally, two readers of this blog had work in that issue, author Gregory Benford and artist Dan Steffan. (George R.R. Martin also had a novelette, which he probably wrote between chess tournaments…)

New Corflu Progress Report

Fanzine fans will converge on Corflu XXX in Portland, Oregon over the May 3-5 weekend. In the latest progress report [PDF file], chairman Dan Steffan’s flair for storytelling makes even the details of reserving hotel rooms lively reading.

The PR is also graced with several mini-essays that make a Portland visit sound irresistible.

Andy Hooper channels Clifford D. Simak while extolling the beauty visible on the road through Oregon:

Running between the west bank of the Wil­lamette River and the Coast Range, OR47 winds through a tapestry of verdantly beautiful, thriving farm country, a landscape that easily rivals legend­ary agricultural regions across Europe and North America. The two of us have seen great orchards in New Mexico, Florida, Wisconsin, and the Yakima Valley here in Washington, but I’ve never seen anything as green and perfectly groomed as the hazelnut groves that we passed on Highway 47. The hazelnuts in particular seemed to evoke J. R. R. Tolkien for me; surely, Hobbits could not have tended a grove of trees any more delicately than these.

John D. Berry shares his strategies for shopping at Powell’s Bookstore. And Randy Byers, before reminding us that the town is a great place to hang out, explains how his perspective on the subject has matured by beginning, “When I was a kid growing up in Salem, Oregon, Portland was the unimaginable world that pro­duced such TV spectacles as Portland Wrestling (my grandfather’s favorite show) and the Portland Roller Derby…”

Oh, and about those mundane hotel details – at the Red Lion Hotel Portland Convention Center all rooms for Corflu are $99 a night.

Steffan urges everyone, “Tell a friend. Soylent Green may be people, but so is a successful Corflu. Thanks.”

Up Nexxxt: 2013 Corflu

Dan and Lynn Steffan will host the 30th edition of Corflu in Portland, OR from May 3-5, 2013.

Corflu XXX, pronounced “Corflu Triple-X,” will take place at the Red Lion Convention Center.

As they remind us, Portland is “home to the nation’s best brewpubs, book stores, food carts, Ursula LeGuin, Richard E. Geis and the ghost of the 1950 Worldcon.”

Attending memberships are $65 US/£40 UK and Supporting Memberships are $15 US/£10 UK. Send money via PayPal using the account related to this email address: lynnspdx (at) comcast (dot) net. Or mail checks made payable to Lynn Steffan (2015 NE 50th Avenue, Portland, OR 97213) or Pat Charnock (UK agent, 45 Kimberley Gardens, London N4 1LD U.K.)

For information contact steffanlandpdx (at) comcast (dot) net.

Lifetime Achievement Awards Given

Earl Kemp and Shelby Vick received Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Corflu Glitter banquet on April 22.

The Lifetime Achievement Awards “salute living fans for their excellent fanac over a long career in Fandom,” Arnie Katz explained in Glitter #61.

Convention chair Joyce Katz presented Kemp and Vick with framed certificates featuring art by Dan Steffan.

The Lifetime Achievement Awards were given for the first time in 2010, to Ted White and Art Widner.

A judging committee selects the winners from among nominations submitted by fans. The committee is made up of the two most recent Corflu chairs, the current Fan Achievement Awards Administrator, and any past Lifetime Achievement Award recipients who want to participate.

Richard Thompson Suspends Comic Strip

Richard Thompson, who draws the Cul-de-Sac daily comic strip, has suspended the strip for four weeks to undergo treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

Thompson came out of fanzine fandom. Many of his cartoons appeared in the 1980s and 1990s in such fanzines as Stephen Brown and Dan Steffan’s Science Fiction Eye, Ted White and Dan Steffan’s Blat! and the Disclave program book.

Thompson was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009. Since then friends and fans have been encouraging and supporting Thompson through Team Cul De Sac.

Thompson lightened the latest announcement with a touch of humor:

Well, I’m taking some time off. Some more time off, three or four weeks. I’m about to start a program of physical therapy sessions designed for people with Parkinson’s. I’ve only been in for an evaluation, but the therapy largely consists of big, exaggerated movements and sweeping silly walks that will so embarrass your body that it’ll start behaving itself, I hope.

Thompson received the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award, a cartoonist of the year prize, in 2011. The daily “Cul de Sac,” which he launched as a weekly feature in The Washington Post Magazine, is carried by more than 140 papers.

[Thanks to Martin Morse Wooster for the story.]

Earl Kemp to Retire Zine “eI”

Earl Kemp recently published eI57 with the collected “Letters from Jail” by Ted White. Twenty-five years Ted ago was arrested for dealing drugs out of his home in Falls Church and served a term in jail. He wrote a compelling series of 21 letters to his friends about these experiences. Since his friends were also fanzine editors the letters soon saw print, however, their Eighties zines now are rarities.

Kemp, who published his own prison letters in eI10 (2003) in “I’ve Got Some Friends Inside,” had the vision to do the same with Ted’s letters, collecting them in a single issue, handsomely illustrated by Dan Steffan.

Kemp announced in the same issue that he will shut down his prolific fanhistory zine at the end of this year. Two more regular issues will appear, then Kemp’s last one, eI60, will contain an Index to the entire run. eI will definitely be missed.