2013 DUFF Winner

Bill Wright has been elected the 2013 DUFF Delegate and will attend LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio.

DUFF administrator David Cake announced the voting results on Facebook.

North America


Bill Wright         32                34 66
Clare McDonald-Sims         18                46 64
Hold Over Funds          1                  0 1
No Preference          1                  1 2
Total        52                81 133
Update 2013/06/15: Corrected Bill Wright’s NA vote count per later information from David Cake.

Hertz: The End (of DUFF Voting) Is Near

By John Hertz: Dave Cake and I, the DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) Administrators for Australia – New Zealand and for North America, respectively, remind you that votes for the 2013 DUFF delegate must be received by midnight 10 June.

DUFF sends fans between ANZ and NA, alternating directions each time. The 2013 delegate will attend LoneStarCon III, the 71st Worldcon, 29 Aug – 2 Sep 13, San Antonio, Texas.

Candidates were announced and voting opened at the end of April. I sent a few hundred ballots by paper mail; Dave posted an electronic version.


Anyone active in fandom on or before 1 Jan 13 may vote. “Active in fandom” means a natural person involved in fannish pursuits in our community, such as participation in clubs or conventions or fanzines, singing, costuming, social life, physically, electronically, or otherwise.

DUFF is supported by donations. Include with your vote a donation of at least $5 Australian, Canadian, United States; or $7 New Zealand.  You may donate by paper mail or PayPal; the ballot explains. It explains the rest of this stuff too.

If you’ve already voted, thanks! If you haven’t yet, don’t miss the boat! That’s Courtney’s boat; know who sawed it? H. Warner, Jr., A Wealth of Fable p. 164 (1992).

DUFF Will Hold Over Funds

By John Hertz and David Cake: This year’s Down Under Fan Fun voting was counted on June 1, 2012 by John Hertz the North American Administrator and David Cake the Australia – New Zealand Administrator.

Founded in 1972, and supported by donations from all over the world, DUFF each year votes for a delegate from NA to ANZ,or the other direction in alternate years. Anyone active in fandom may vote.

The 2012 candidates were Juanita Coulson of the United States and Murray Moore of Canada. Moore in his platform urged voters to choose Hold Over Funds and said he would not go if elected.

The decision was clear from first-choice votes. Counting lower choices was not needed.

Hold Over Funds received 38 first-choice NA votes + 19 ANZ. Coulson received 24 first-choice NA votes + 1 ANZ. Moore received 11 first-choice NA votes + 2 ANZ.

Funds will be held over. No delegate will be sent in 2012.

Each Administrator received some out-area votes (e.g. Britain) which were included in the totals above.

2012 DUFF Race Begins

Votes are now being accepted in the 2012 Down Under Fan Fund race. North American DUFF Administrator John Hertz and Australian DUFF Administrator David Cake very recently held a telephone conversation and determined to select a delegate to travel to Australia/New Zealand despite the tight scheduling — votes will be accepted until midnight May 31 (PST).

The contenders are Juanita Coulson and Murray Moore, however, while Coulson is running with the intention of making the trip, Murray Moore’s platform actually advocates no one be sent — 

“…[My] unusual position is that, if elected on this ballot, I will not attend the Australian national SF convention June 8-11 in Melbourne. Furthermore I encourage you to join me in voting for Hold Over Funds on this ballot.”

Juanita Coulson (London, Ohio, U.S.A.) — NA nominators Sue & Steve Francis, Chris Garcia, Joyce & Arnie Katz; ANZ nominators Bruce Gillespie, Marc Ortlieb.

Murray Moore (Mississaugua, Ontario, Canada) — NA nominators Hope Leibowitz, Spike, Art Widner; ANZ nominators Cath Ortlieb, Bill Wright.

Eligibility and other voting information appears on the ballot linked below:


Hertz: DUFF Nominations Open

By John Hertz. Nominations are now open for a Down Under Fan Fund delegate from North America to the 51st Australia national science fiction convention Continuum VIII, Melbourne, June 8-11, 2012.

Founded in 1972, and supported by donations from s-f fans all over the world, DUFF sends a delegate from North America to Australia – New Zealand, or the other way, in alternating years.

Delegates are chosen as people whom fans on the visited side would like to meet.  The delegate travels as much as possible, makes friends, radiates goodwill, and becomes the Administrator in turn on the home side until the next cycle.  Delegates’ trip reports are sold to support the Fund.

I am the current NA Administrator. The ANZ Adminstrator is David Cake. Three NA nominators and two ANZ nominators are required for each westbound candidate. Candidates should submit a written platform of about 100 words and a donation of at least US$25.

Nominations will be accepted until midnight May 11 (Pacific Daylight Time). The ballot will be published as soon as possible thereafter with candidates, nominators, and platforms. Voting will probably close May 31.

Two suitable candidates have already emerged, one from the United States and one from Canada.

Send paper mail to me, John Hertz, 236 S. Coronado St., No. 409, Los Angeles, CA 90057, U.S.A.; call me if you wish at (213)384-6622.  Checks in U.S. money should be payable to DUFF.  Send E-mail, and PayPal donations, to Marty Cantor <martyhoohah (at) sbc (dot) global (dot) net>.  Consult me about donations in Canada money other than by PayPal.

Dave Cake can be reached at <dave (at) difference (dot) com (dot) au>.  Consult him about donations in Australia or New Zealand money other than by PayPal to Cantor.

This close schedule is regretted.  The DUFF delegate may be unable to attend the 33rd New Zealand natcon unCONconventional 2012, Auckland, June 1-4.  However, a reasonable amount of contact, merriment, and satisfaction should be possible.

David Cake Is 2011 DUFF Winner

David Cake won the 2011 DUFF race with a first-round majority reports Emma Hawkes, Australian Administrator:

ROUND            AUS     NA    Total
David Cake       69      11     80
Paula McGrath    33      24     57
Hold Over Funds                  1
Write-In                         1
No Preference                    9
                ---    ---     ---
                102     35     148

The third time was a charm for Cake, who rebounded from previous defeats in 2002 and 2009. 

[Thanks to Marty Cantor, John Hertz, Catherine Crockett, Ansible Links and all the ships at sea for the story.]

Update 06/07/2011: Courtesy of Marty Cantor I have a copy of Emma Hawkes’ e-mail with a correction, adding 1 vote to Paula McGrath giving her a total of 57, making 148 votes cast altogether. (No info on which region that last vote came from.) Marty also says he persuaded Emma to divulge that the recipient of the single write-in vote was Tess Williams. // Cantor writes that the vote must have come from Australasia, because he knows Hertz hasn’t contacted her since the first tally was announced. So I have updated the columns accordingly.

2011 DUFF Nominees Announced

David Cake and Paula McGrath are the 2011 Down Under Fan Fund nominees. Voting will be open through May 31, and the chosen delegate will attend this year’s Worldcon, Renovation, August 17-21.

Dave Cake was nominated by Randy Byers, Colin Hinz, Sue Ann Barber, Damien Warman, and Grant Watson. Paula McGrath was nominated by Sue & Steve Francis, Melissa Morman, Perry Middlemiss, Rose Mitchell, and Julian Warner.

Anyone active in fandom by January 1, 2011 may vote. Ballots must be received by May 31, accompanied by a donation of at least $5 Australian, Canadian, United States, or $6 New Zealand. Payment instructions are given in the ballot. Payment and voting may be done via PayPal or by snail mail. 

A copy of the form is here: DUFF ballot 2011  [PDF file].

[Thanks to John Hertz and Marty Cantor for the story.]