Frazetta Jr. Busted
for Stealing Dad’s Paintings

Frank Frazetta Jr. was arrested December 9 by state police for stealing 90 of Frazetta Sr.’s paintings worth $20 million. A backhoe was used to break through the door of a family-owned museum where the paintings were kept.

Frazetta Jr., the backhoe operator and a third accomplice were arrested after the  paintings were loaded on a trailer but before they could flee the scene reports the Pocono Record.

Frazetta Jr.’s bail has been set at $500,000. His wife, Lori Frazetta told a reporter that the incident resulted from family infighting that began after the death of Frank Sr.’s wife, Ellie.

A Publishers Weekly blogger points out:

While we are not privy to the family dynamics that created this sad episode, Ellie Frazetta, who managed the museum and most Frazetta Sr. business, passed away in the summer. It isn’t hard to draw a line between that event and evident sprawling family turmoil.

[Thanks to Moshe Feder and Taral for the story.]