Jack Narz (1922-2008)

Jack Narz, who passed away October 15, is someone I mainly remember from TV game shows. But while television was in its infancy, and so was I, Narz lent his voice to two well-known science fiction programs.

He was an announcer on the popular 1950s children’s science-fiction program “Space Patrol“.

“Narz is fondly remembered by many baby boomers as the announcer who got us to scarf down cereal that tasted like cardboard so we could get box-top premiums for ’25 cents in coin,’ ” Jean-Noel Bassior, author of the 2005 book “Space Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television,” told The Times in an e-mail.

He also narrated the first episodes of “Superman”:

Steve Beverly, game shows historian, said Narz narrated in 1951 the two-part opening episodes of “Superman.” The story, “Superman on Earth,” outlined how the character became Clark Kent and, ultimately, the Man of Steel.