Barkley: DisCon III,
The Fourth Day

To Be Fair, I Was Left Unsupervised: A Disjointed Chronicle of 79th World Science Fiction Convention, DisCon III – December 19-20, 2021

By Chris M. Barkley:


(Author’s Note: As of this writing, I misplaced all of my notes for Day Four. The things I write about here may be a bit truncated, so please bear with me with this day’s events…)

I woke up relatively early (for a Worldcon), at around 8:45 a.m. Dapperly dressed in my Chelsea FC pajamas and socks, I decide to go down to the Information Desk for the latest Dis N’ Dat newsletter for the latest news and Programming changes.

Just as I exited the elevator, I encountered Laurie Mann and Dave McCarty in deep conversation. Mr. McCarty told me that he was on his way to the Site Selection Meeting and was particularly vexed because the contest between the Chengdu and Winnipeg bids was, as of this morning, in doubt.

 This was a little peculiar because under normal circumstances, the identity of the winning bid would have been leaked the previous evening by unknown sources and would have been circulating among the parties last night.   

But as I inferred from my earlier conversation with Ms. Mann and Mr. McCarty, this did not happen. By now, most of you may know that the statement from Kevin Standlee a few days earlier cast the election in doubt due to what was perceived by some as an infraction of the rules regarding the lack of valid addresses by those voting for the Chengdu bid. 

To my understanding of the matter, a majority of  the Chengdu voters used as email address because that is how they interpreted the use of that term in China 

Mr. McCarty, who is associated with the Chengdu bid, had no idea whether or not the disputed ballots would be allowed or not this morning.

Quickly realizing that either history, a controversy, or both was about to occur, I bolted to my room, got properly dressed, grabbed a tea and a protein bar and raced down to the Palladian Ballroom for the reveal.

The Site Selection Meeting had been scheduled for 9:30 a.m. but that passed by as the room slowly filled with interested parties.

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LoneStarCon 3 Masquerade Winners

Jill Eastlake has issued a “corrected final winners list” from the LoneStarCon 3 Masquerade. She notes, “It’s amazing to me that although we tried really, really hard to get this right multiple times, we still blew it slightly. Please post this corrected list anywhere and everywhere.”

Master of Ceremonies: Paul Cornell. Masquerade Director: Jill Eastlake. Stage Manager: Kathy Thornton. Workmanship Judges: John Hertz, Michele Weinstein. Presentation Judges: John O’Halloran, Pierre Pettinger, Sandy Pettinger. 29 Entries: 5 Young Fan, 14 Novice, 6 Journeyman, 4 Master. (There were one Not-in-Competition and two scratches before the start of the show.)

Workmanship Awards

Young Fan Division

Best Leatherwork: “Lady Lattitude and Wingnut,” Steward Facile (their Dad)

Best Sewing and Applique: “Kirby Picachu,” Candace Pohler

Novice Division

Construction of Fur Suit Heads: “Project F-Zero-X,” Jay Brandt

Most Ingenious Use of Mundane Substance and Best Entry Made on Site: “AirProof,” Don Clary

Additions and Alterations: “Emmaleen and her Flying Machine,” Sharon Bass, Barb Galler-Smith

Best Use of Found Objects: “Her Majesty Jadis, Empress of Charm and Queen of Narnia,” S. Kay Nash

Journeyman Division

Arrangement of Transformation: “A Crack in Time and Space,” Sabine Furlong

Best Engineering: “Stinza Nickerson, Half-Horse,” Wendy Snyder

Best in Class, Journeyman Workmanship: “Beren and Luthien,” Lorretta Morgan

Master Division

Hand Painting: “Tardis in Vortex,” Steward Facile

Best in Class, Master Division: “Saucer Country,” Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembley, Julie Zetterberg, Greg Sardo, Jerry Majors Patterson, Ken Patterson, Chuck Serface, Nova Mellow as “Daisy”

Presentation Awards

Young Fan Division

Most Royal: “Medieval Princesses,” Emma Jackson, Hope Jackson

Best Story: “Ni No Kuni,” Niki Hyatt, Micah Joel Hyatt, Tori Hyatt, Malachi Hyatt

Best Recreation: “Kirby Picachu,” Candace Pohler

Most Beautiful: “Lady Lattitude.” Robyn Facile

Best in Class: “Wingnut,” Lillian Facile

Novice Division

Honorable Mention for Presentation: “Emmaleen and her Flying Machine,” Sharon Bass, Barb Galler-Smith

Honorable Mention for Chaos: “Randomly Generated Character,” Tamisan

Dr. Moreau Award: “Project F-Zero-X,” Jay Brandt, Victoria Brandt

Deep in the Heart of Texas & Great Balloons of Fire: “AirProof,” Don Clary, James Cossaboon

Best in Class: “Daenerys Targaryen,” Andrea Morrison

Journeyman Division

Best Transformation: “A Crack in Time and Space,” Sabine Furlong

Most Beautiful: “The Dragon Lady,” April Korbel

Best in Class, Journeyman Division: “Beren and Luthien,” Tim Morgan, Lorretta Morgan

Master Division

Most Humorous: “Public Service Announcement,” Rebecca Hewett, Kevin Hewett, Serge Mailloux, Janice Gelb

Close Encounters of the Texas Kind and Best in Class, Master Division: “Saucer Country,” Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembley, Julie Zetterberg, Greg Sardo, Jerry Majors Patterson, Ken Patterson, Chuck Serface, Nova Mellow as “Daisy”

Out of Class Awards

Judge’s Choice: “Stinza Nickerson, Half-Horse,” Wendy Snyder

Best of Show: “Otilia,” Aurora Celeste