Joe Jusko’s “Marvel Masterpieces” Illustrations Are Back On New Covers

Acclaimed artist Joe Jusko’s iconic Marvel Masterpieces trading card illustrations from the 1990s will return in a brand-new collection of variant covers.

Jusko’s depictions of Marvel characters will be on the covers of fan-favorite titles throughout the month of October. Masterfully capturing the power of the Avengers, the horror of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, and the allure of the X-Men, Jusko’s painted artwork has mesmerized fans for decades and ushered in the trading card boom of the 90s. Now, the Marvel Masterpieces Variant Cover series will give fans a chance to own a piece of Marvel Comics history in an exciting new way.

Check out all 23 of Joe Jusko’s Marvel Masterpieces covers following the jump. Collect them all beginning October 6.

[Based on a press release.]

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