Chicon 7 and Kate Kligman

Kate Kligman’s tweets about being fired by the Chicon 7 committee and her account of the reasons, which began appearing around September 5, have elicited an official response from the committee.

Kligman’s Twitter account carries tweets and links to posts from fans and pros who have come alongside her.

Elsewhere, The Second Generation Fan has published a couple of very angry posts defending the committee leadership.

Flaming Youth

Chris Garcia set his beard on fire while cooking yesterday. Apparently he was uninjured apart from his beard needing to be trimmed and Chris has been mourning his blighted sartorial splendor on Facebook.

Chris has promised to tell the complete story in the next issue of John Purcell’s fanzine Askance.

My favorite among the blizzard of comments by Chris’s Facebook friends was Kate Kligman’s insightful question: “People like that your face caught on fire?”