Flegal and Mohrbacher Respond to Accusations in Video

Sam Flegal and his business partner Pete Mohrbacher who run One Fantastic Workshop uploaded a video to YouTube in late October titled “Accusations Addressed,” responding to charges such as those included in File 770’s roundup of social media, “Artists Corroborate Flegal Harassment Allegations” (which also reported accusations concerning Noah Bradley.) The video runs two-and-one-half hours; there is also a transcript at YouTube.

The video has been criticized as a subtle but profound denial and diversion of what happened.

Charles Urbach told File 770:

Sam Flegal’s and Pete Morhbacher’s discussion of women’s sexual and psychological histories and sharing of private messages in their video (including a message I sent to Sam) are profoundly disturbing to me. I was never asked for consent and am unsure why my name, pro history, and private communication with Sam would be included in the video at all. After watching it, the rest of the video left me with larger concerns about Sam and Pete’s actions, motives, and roles as mentors. Like many in the art community, the allegations about Sam were deeply disappointing to me and raised concerns for the safety of others. Rather than address or assuage my concerns, this video and my unwilling inclusion in it, confirmed and magnified them.

Pete Mohrbacher also made this (originally public) post on the One Fantastic Week Facebook group.

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