Are You A Kerfuffleholic?

Dammit Jim, I’m a blogger not a doctor. Yes, the only white jacket I own has sleeves that buckle in the back. That’s because…I’m a kerfuffleholic. Maybe you are, too. Take this brief test to find out.

  • Are you a regular reader of sites that specialize in reporting on sexual shenanigans in the sf field?
  • Are you relieved whenever a news item provides a socially justified excuse to vent your rage?
  • Do you spend time seeking out comments by troglodytes so you can tweet the links to your friends, although  your reaction if one of them said the same thing to you in person would be to take out a temporary restraining order to keep them away?
  • If someone posts a link collection about a kerfuffle do you have to click on them all?
  • Do you resent it when there are not enough details supplied about the alleged behavior?
  • Do you resent it when any details are given at all?
  • When there are already several comments on a post, is your need to add another to straighten everyone out practically irresistible?

SCORE: If you answered two or more of these “Yes,” then you are officially a kerfuffleholic. Feel free to order yourself one of those bicorne hats with the “N” on the front.