2019 Site Selection: Validating Postal Votes

[Facing]: Johan Anglemark, Mark Linneman, Eemeli Aro, Emma England. [Opposite] Paul Taylor, Ben Yalow, Kate Secor.

By James Bacon: (Chair of the Dublin in 2019 bid). I’m observing the postal vote process. The administrator and the team are assisted by members of the Dublin in 2019 team and committee, people from six countries are taking part. Walter Jon Williams has joined us for a few moments, as I look on. Neutral separators are handling and ensuring it’s all correctly managed.  Worldcon 75 staff check against, their data and the level attention to detail and slow and steady methodical progress is taken seriously. The integrity of the procedure is impressive and I’m stunned at the knowledge of those here who deal with inevitable errors that may have occurred.

Here with me from the Dublin Team are Emma England, Ben Yalow and Paul Taylor. The bids are welcome and indeed expected to help and participate in the whole process, everything is run by volunteers, although this is something I have not done before and it feels like we are momentarily connected to people from far-flung places who want to participate in the decision-making process of who will get to host the Worldcon in 2019.

From Worldcon 75 there is Kate Secor, Michael Lee, Eemeli Aro, Mark Linneman and Johan Anglemark.

The large stack of envelopes is impressive and I’m allowed to photograph some of the stamps which I like. I love post and in many ways this is fabulous post.

Post has arrived at the US address from New Zealand, Germany, Canada and of course United States. The votes arriving at the Helsinki are even more varied with votes from Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, and Germany.

The process takes over two hours but the atmosphere is lovely and it’s an amazing thing to see the mechanics of this process which has existed in this form since 1983.

Science Fiction has permeated so much of our culture that some of the stamps used have particular relevance and make me smile.

More votes will be hand-carried and passed to the voting table from tomorrow and then of course everyone present here is entitled to vote.


2012 Site Selection Report

Mark Linneman’s official 2012 Site Selection report now is posted on the Worldcon website. It confirms the vote totals I ran the other day and is studded with fascinating details about the write-ins. Mark says:

There were 25 votes for “none of the above” and 20 expressed no preference. Minneapolis in ’73 received 8 votes, Peggy Rae’s 4 votes, Monkey’s Eyebrow 3, and Dave McCarty’s and Xerps in 2010 2 votes each. Fifteen different locations each received a single vote. There were 189 mail-in ballots and 337 cast at Aussiecon 4.

Single Votes: Chiculub, Chitzen Atzai, Barnes City,IA, Dave Freer’s House, Mons Olympus, Tenopah, NV, Kauai, No Dams, Antartica, Boston in Orlando, New Zealand 2020, Huntsville, AL,Rottonest Island, The Fabulous Bungalow, Perth, Australia.

Hard to guess the intent behind some of these misspellings. On purpose? By mistake? Years ago a friend of mine cautioned, “Intentional misspellings are meaningless when true errors abound.”