2020 World Fantasy Awards Judges Announced

The list of judges for the 2020 World Fantasy Awards, for work published in 2019, was released today by Peter Dennis Pautz, President of the World Fantasy Awards Association.

The judges read and consider eligible materials received by June 1, 2020 — the earlier the better. Pautz explains, “If, for instance, something is received on May 31 the judges may well have only one day to read it before their deliberations conclude.  Anything received after June 1 will receive little or no consideration.”

2020 World Fantasy Awards Judges

  • Gwenda Bond, 439 North Upper Street; Lexington, KY 40508; USA;

[email protected];

Prefers HC, then MOBI

  • Galen Dara, 2540 E 20th St, Tucson, AZ 85716; USA;

[email protected];

Prefers HC, then PDF

  • Michael Kelly, 1905 Faylee Crescent; Pickering, ON L1V 2T3; Canada;

[email protected];

Prefers HC, can accept PDF, ePub, MOBI

  • Victor LaValle, 804 West 180th St. #62, New York, NY 10033; USA;

[email protected];

Prefers HC, then PDF

  • Adam Roberts, 4 Ancaster Drive; Ascot, Berkshire SL5 8TR; UK;

[email protected];

Prefers HC or PDF

(HC=Hard Copy; MOBI=Mobipocket ebook format; PDF=Portable Document Format)

So a comprehensive submission list may be kept, a copy should also go to:

Peter Dennis Pautz, President
World Fantasy Awards Association
3519 Glen Avenue
Palmer PA 18045-5812
[email protected]

Send materials to be considered directly to the addresses above, and very importantly, please mark all packages as PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – NOT FOR SALE OR RESALE – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE — WORLD FANTASY AWARDS MATERIALS.  The copy to Pautz ensures the judges have received eligible items, and that
submissions are given fair attention.

Qualifications:  All books must have been published in 2019; magazines must have a 2019 cover date; only living persons are eligible.

Fantasy Types:  All forms of fantasy are eligible, e.g. high, epic, dark, contemporary, literary.

Categories:  Life Achievement; Best Novel; Best Novella (10,001 to 40,000 words); Best Short Story; Best Anthology; Best Collection; Best Artist; Special Award – Professional; Special Award-Non-Professional.

When submitting works shorter than novel lengths, please provide a word count for
the judges’ benefit.

The awards will be presented at the convention, to be held Thursday, October 29 through Sunday, November 1, 2020, at the Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT  84101.

Currently, an attending membership costs $200 (increasing to $250 in mid-February, 2020), which does not include the Awards Banquet, tickets for which must be purchased separately. Banquet tickets will be available in Summer, 2020.  Information and forms can be found on the convention website.

2018 Year’s Best Weird Fiction ToC

Robert Shearman and Michael Kelly have revealed the table of Contents for Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 5, coming in October.

  • “Live Through This” by Nadia Bulkin.
  • “Flotsam” by Daniel Carpenter
  • “The Narrow Escape of Zipper-Girl” by Adam-Troy Castro
  • “The Unwish” by Claire Dean
  • “Worship Only What She Bleeds” by Kristi DeMeester
  • “The Second Door” by Brian Evenson
  • “When Words Change the Molecular Composition of Water” by Jenni Fagan
  • “The Convexity of Our Youth” by Kurt Fawver
  • “Corzo” by Brenna Gomez
  • “The Mouse Queen” by Camilla Grudova
  • “You Will Always Have Family: A Triptych” by Kathleen Kayembe
  • “The Anteater” by Joshua King
  • “Curb Day” by Rebecca Kuder
  • “The Entertainment Arrives” by Alison Littlewood
  • “The Rock Eater” by Ben Loory
  • “Eight Bites” by Carmen Maria Carmen Machado
  • “The Way She is With Strangers” by Helen Marshall
  • “The Possession” by Michael Mirolla
  • “Skins Smooth as Plantain, Hearts Soft as Mango” by Ian Muneshwar
  • “House of Abjection” by David Peak
  • “Disappearer” by KL Pereira
  • “Red Hood” by Eric Schaller
  • “Something About Birds” by Paul Tremblay
  • “Take the Way Home That Leads Back To Sullivan Street” by Chavisa Woods