Tender Words For Nerds

Two op-ed pieces by Mike Rogers about the nature of nerds and the romantic myths that surround them have appeared in The Chattanoogan in recent weeks. I took note of them because Rogers often writes letters of comment to File 770.

In “If You Are A Nerd, Say It Loud And Be Proud” Rogers explains that he uses nerd in preference to “geek,” which he still reserves for a circus performer who bites the head off a chicken.

Today, nerds are more popular than ever, or so it seems. Some parts of popular culture celebrate the nerd. At a science fiction convention that I attended a few years ago, one young lady carried a purse with the words, “I only date nerds,” on the side. I wish I had asked her to expound on this subject, but did not wish to offend.

Actually, the celebration is premature. Most people still misunderstand and fear nerds. Some people still hate them.

In “Nerds And Romance” he argues that what nerds need is help, not disdain.

Now let’s look at some myths and misconceptions about nerds and romance….

Nerds are popular now. Women love them. Please do not be fooled by the popularity of television shows like “The Big Bang Theory.” These shows are not real at all. The guys on that show are a bunch of Central Casting nerds. In other words, they are a bunch of everyday actors playing nerds. Real male nerds do not have large numbers of beautiful babes hanging all over them. To some of us, the whole show feels like a major insult.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]