2020 Imagining Indigenous Futurisms Award

The 2020 IAFA Imagining Indigenous Futurisms Award winner is Lennixx-Nickolai Treat Bad Moccasin for “THE BOX”. The winner receives $1,000.

The award recognizes emerging authors who use science fiction to address issues of Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

Also announced as a shortlisted entry was Paul Johnson’s “Calling line 17”.

The award judge is author Andrea Hairston who said about the winner —

Lennixx-Nickolai Treat Bad Moccasin did a fascinating science fictional concept connecting the elders to the future with androids. The characters were complex and engaging. He crafts a compelling family drama with a great twist at the end. Indeed, the storyline is full of difficult choices, heartrending dilemmas, and delightful surprises. He riffs on our current struggles with grace, faces the horror, and offers us hope.

Hairston likewise congratulated Paul Johnson:

In his story technology is not in the service of separating us from the universe, but a way to reconnect our spirits.