Peter David Progress Report

Peter David suffered a stroke in December but has made such good progress that he expects to return home this weekend.

In the meantime, his medical expenses are mounting. His wife, Kathleen, wrote on Peter’s blog:

I can say that the scary bills from last month are showing up in the mailbox and they are very scary. Again I would thank Marvel Entertainment for all their support and the insurance that they provide us. If I needed proof that the healthcare system in America is not in great shape, I got it in spades in my mailbox this week.

Fortunately, Peter’s friends, family and colleagues are rallying to his side with emotional and financial support.

Two Peter David benefit auctions are being organized.

Ariel L. David appealed for donations of items to auction at cons and online. The first of these auctions will happen at Farpoint, a convention over Valentine’s weekend. When she has enough items she’ll be working with Glenn Hauman to begin internet auctions. Donors can reach her at

Another auction is being hosted at JK Woodward’s blog. Woodward has worked with Peter David on Fallen Angel as its artist since it moved to IDW. The auction goes live on February 13. Information about the auction and progress reports on art donations received are linked here, here, here, here and here.

Some early contributors to the art auction are Pablo Raimondi (X-Factor:cover Maddrox), Valentine De Landro (X-Factor:Layla), Steve Bryant (Fallen Angel:Jude), Jamal Igle (Linda Danvers Supergirl and Ariella), Emanuela Lupacchino (X-Factor:Syren), Paul Davidson (X-Factor: pages), Joe Corroney (Spike), andJK Woodward himself (Fallen Angel:Liandra).

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More on Peter David’s Stroke

Kathleen David’s December 31 post ”In the Blink of an Eye” relates many details about Peter David’s realization he was having a stroke, and what was done to get immediate medical help:

While at dinner I thought his speech was a bit slurred. He put it down to fatigue and his face always looked like that. That morning he couldn’t get his right leg to move correctly. He told us later that he had gotten up because he couldn’t sleep and tried to type and couldn’t get his hand to work correctly but he didn’t want to wake me up and alarm me. I called my mom with the laundry list of things. My mother said get him to a hospital NOW. We loaded him into the car and took him to Celebration Hospital at the recommendation of some friends.

And her January 1 follow-up tells how he’s doing 24 hours later.

Peter was much more alert when we arrived yesterday morning. His eyes looked better even though he still has the double vision in the right. He seemed much more himself. He was not tiring as easily during the morning.

During the day we got both some good news and some bad news. We had some movement forward and a little back but this is totally normal for someone who has suffered the brain injury that Peter has suffered.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

Peter David Suffers Stroke

Comics writer Peter David announced on his blog:

We were on vacation in Florida when I lost control of the right side of my body. I cannot see properly and I cannot move my right arm or leg. We are currently getting the extent of the damage sorted out and will report as further details become clarified.

David currently writes X-Factor for Marvel. His comic book work has been crowned by an award-winning, 12-year run on The Incredible Hulk. He has written tons of other comics, and for TV — including one of the few non-Straczysnki scripts for Babylon 5.