SF Canada Board Statement on Vote to Expel Peter Halasz

The SF Canada Board of Directors has responded to File 770’s request for comment on the vote to terminate the membership of Peter Halasz reported here yesterday.

SF Canada recently held our Annual General Meeting for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021.

During our AGM a motion was made by a member to expel Peter Halasz from SF Canada “in light of various actions … incompatible with a collegial relationship with the members of SF Canada”.

Per bylaw (6) under “Conditions of Membership”:

6)    Any member may be required to resign by a three-quarters (3/4) majority vote at the annual general meeting or a special general meeting, for any cause which the membership may deem reasonable.

Our complete bylaws can be found here: https://www.sfcanada.org/bylaws/

The motion to expel Peter Halasz was put to a vote by the membership and the motion passed, exceeding the required 3/4 supermajority.

 In direct response to the behaviour and subsequent conversations surrounding the first motion, a second member-initiated motion was created and passed:

Create a Code of Conduct and Anti-harassment Policy for SF Canada

The incoming SF Canada Board of Directors is making fulfilling the mandate of the second motion a priority.